JUMP Bikes weighing Uber $100 M+ acquisition, speculation gives

JUMP Bikes, the on-demand biking service that integrates with Uber, has been weighing both buy and speculation offers.

A decision has not yet been reached, but right now possible options include a sale to Uber at world prices that outdoes $ 100 million, or a undertaking asset round, multiple beginnings tell TechCrunch. One of the possible investor mentions that has been swum is Mike Moritz of Sequoia Capital, but we are told that JUMP has several options.

We are likewise told that various defendants have been upping their renders over the past week, as they fiercely contest to get ownership of JUMP.

“E-bikes” are expected to become more popular, where useds are able to find and rent bicycles swiftly via apps. They are part regular motorcycle and character electrical, which realise it easier to go up hills.

JUMP launched as Social Bicycles nearly a decade ago, but the startup lately rebranded as JUMPwhen it announced its $10 million Series A investment round a few months back. Menlo Ventures and Sinewave Ventures invested.

Since then, JUMP has propelled a partnership with Uber, available in select metropolitans like San Francisco and Washington , D.C. Consumers are able to identify a nearby bicycle via the Uber app and are given a PIN to open it. They do not expect motorcycle piers, making they can be picked up and stopped off everywhere. It costs$ 2 for every 30 minutes.

JUMP also has its own sift app.

We’ve reached out to JUMP and Sequoia for observation. Uber declined to comment.

TechCrunch’s Megan Rose Dickey recently wrote about JUMP’s expansion 😛 TAGEND

It” plans to propel in Sacramento and Providence, Rhode Island subsequently this year. Through its software and hardware offerings, it operates via third-parties, like metropolitans, campuses and firms, in 40 markets including Portland, New Orleans and Atlanta .”

The company too competes with GoBike and Spin.On-demand scooters like Bird and Limebike are also rising organizations in the urban transportation space.

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