Ivanka Trump Tweeted About Women’s “Untapped Labor” And It Didn’t Go So Well

If you choose not to scratch beneath the powdery pink skin-deep, Ivanka Trump’s social media proximity might appear to be a wonderful collage of feminist conceive. Drag your tack only an inch further down though, and you’ll realize that all of her ambiguous thoughtfulness about equality and female empowerment literally represent that our present disposal stands for. Ivanka Trump’s tweet about women’s “untapped labor” liberated a recent invasion of trolling, which very accurately poked fun at the paradox of it all.

Here are a few things to know about Ivanka Trump, purported endorse of workplace issues.

First off, she didn’t implement paid maternity leave for her hires at her style firm until she used literally pushed into it, according to each of these reports from.

Marissa Kraxberger, a former hire, to indicate that when she asked about paid leave back in 2013, Trump was a little baffled. Kraxberger narrated her boss saying,

Well, we don’t have maternity leave plan here; I went back to work one week after having their own children, so that’s simply not something I’m used to.

Right, but likewise, she is very, very rich and can to hire all the assistance she needs in order going to go to operate immediately. But I digress.

After that happen, employees banded together to push forward paid leave, and finally one year later, they got it, is in accordance with.

Another example of the first daughter’s general disinterest in serious workplace concerns?

spoke to dozens of laborers at Trump’s fashion label’s factory in Subang, Indonesia, and learned that they were allegedly making some of the lowest wages in South Asia. Workers reported that they weren’t shaping enough to support their families( they pay $173 a month ), were told to assemble impossibly high production destinations, and rarely paid overtime wages.

OK, that’s actually, real bad. Now, shall we look at one more instance of Trump not putting her money where her opening is? On Aug. 30, the first daughter backed the president’s decision to pulley-block an Obama-era initiative that would require businesses to collect salary data based on their employees’ gender, ethnicity, and race. She released a statement saying,

Ultimately, while I guess the intention was good and agree that compensate opennes is important, the proposed program has not been able to furnish the intended makes. We look forward to continuing to work with EEOC, OMB, Congress and all relevant stakeholders on robust policies aimed at eliminating the gender payment gap.

During the presidential campaign, Trump campaigned for equal remuneration on behalf of her leader, citing the importance of supporting women in the workforce, and championing the idea of paid maternity benefits. So, is again, it is very confusing that when she has the actual given an opportunity to put her statements into actions, she continues to fall short.

Couple that with the fact that Trump has not communicated out against some of the truly unwarranted proclamations that her parent has made about women– and you’ll have to forgive me for encountering any tweets about girls, the workplace and equality of the sexes only altogether disingenuous.

And for the most portion, Twitter thought so, too.

Here’s what happened after Ivanka tweeted about females being the “largest pool of untapped labor.”

Some pointed out that it doesn’t seem like the administration Trump has any interest in equality.

Particularly Donald Trump, himself…

Manypointed out that Ivanka Trump has not exactly been a absolutely proactive counselor of women’s rights.

And even a Donald Trump supporter hopped in there to poke holes in Trump’s tweet.

This isn’t the first time that Ivanka Trump has come under fervor for sending out tone-deaf, absolutely head-scratching tweets.

When Hurricane Harvey slammed down in Texas this month, Trump took to social media to volunteer some prayers, and then switched gears to talk about tariff reform. in the middle of a devastating hurricane.

People on Twitter are particularly not having that either.

* Sigh .* And that, your best friend, is your daily quantity of the mind-numbing, disingenuous hypocrisy that is Ivanka Trump’s Twitter feed. Thankfully for her, Ted Cruz is now climbing immediately up those ranks. Obligatory shout-out to “Sexuall Posts.”