It’s Only January And Migrant Deaths In The Mediterranean Are Already Climbing

The first few weeks of 2017 are proven by just as somber as 2016 was for those attempting a better life in other regions of the world. Far fewer migrants are moving the trek from the Middle East and Africa to Europe but many more are dying en route.

As of Jan. 15, 2,914 migrants and refugees had already arrived in Europe, for the most proportion by sea, according to the International Organization for Migration. Thats virtually 10 meters fewer than in the same time frame last year, when more than 23,000 induced the same trip.

Last year the death toll stood at 91. This time, nonetheless, as of Jan. 17, 219 people have died more than twice as many.

And there could be many more that havent hitherto been accounted for.

This fatalities figure is considered low-pitched by IOMs Missing Migrants Project, which is investigating has pointed out that surfaced over the weekend that they are able to add at least 200 demises to the total, an IOM statement said here on Tuesday.

International Organization for Migration

Authorities are probing ashipwreckthat overturned on Saturday about 30 miles off the coast of Libya. The craft “couldve been” much larger than initially felt, the IOM statement said, which is what would bring up the death toll. Only four parties survived.

We still do not know the nationalities or if there were women or children on board, said Federico Soda, head of the IOMs coordination office for the Mediterranean. It is a unfortunate start to the brand-new year.

Authorities also determined three migrants who had died from hypothermia in a dinghy during a separate save activity, the statement added.

On land, so far this year, authorities have already received the bodies of two migrants. They were attempting to cross the border between Turkey and Greece anddied of hypothermia. One was located buried in snow after more likely wading through the Evros river in sub-zero temperatures.

These terrible digits are a continuation of a trend that was solidified in 2016 a record number of migrants and refugees expired at sea, although there is the number of members of people forming the risky crossovers was channel down compared to the year before.

Mass migration to Europe isnt is ended not for decades, IOM director general William Lacy Swing was indicated in a Guardian op-ed.

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