Is Trump already a lame duck chairman?

( CNN) Donald Trump may exactly have achieved another first — but this isn’t one he will like. He may be on the verge of becoming the first president to be considered a “lame duck” within the first two months of his presidency.

If you characterize a “lame duck” president as someone who paucity the political capital to grow his ideas into plan, you are able to want to remained a crotch in Trump because he’s done — at least for now.

In fact, what we interpreted Friday with Trump’s healthcare failure is possibly exactly the gratuity of the lame-duck iceberg. Feel about this for a moment: Trump and the Republicans for years have reiterated, “Repeal and supersede Obamacare, ” over and over to the point it was more than a mantra. It chimed like Hodor from “Game of Thrones, ” who was capable of merely adding his own name.

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