Researchers find video of possible Somalia projectile handoff | Fox News

Surveillance video appears to have captivated the handoff of an explosive-laden laptop from airport craftsmen to a Somali jet passenger who later blew a flaw in the side of the ship before he was sucked out the side to his death.

Investigators responded Tuesdays explosion aboard Daallo Airline Airbus 321 is a consequence of a projectile hidden in a laptop, and closed circuit video from Mogadishu airport obtained by Fox News seems to show the transfer of the laptop to the bomber.

An airport worker in an orange vest and a man in a lily-white shirt can be seen initially strolling from the top to the bottom of the picture, along a walkway leading to an open deviation sofa. The serviceman in the white shirt believe that there is carrying a laptop in his right hand. The duo is in a secure locality of the airport known as airside. Someones must go through screening procedures before penetrating the area.

Later, a lone follower, who investigators accept carried the bomb aboard the plane, moves down the walkway, where he briefly encounters the airport work and the man in the white-hot shirt. The soul in the lily-white shirt sides the grinder the laptop before the three men split up.

Fox News has learned several airport officials were arrested in connection with the blast. A senior Somali intelligence official told the Associated Press on Saturday that six people have been arrested so far.

The bomber was the lone person killed during Tuesdays blast. The other 74 fares on the plane were saved after the captain was able to safely return to the airport.

The explosion existed 15 times after the plane took off, while it was still ascending.

It was my first bombard; I hope it will be the last, Capt. Vlatko Vodopivec, the aviator, told AP by phone from Mogadishu. He said the blast happens if the plane was at around 11,000 paws and still climbing to its cruising altitude of thirty, 000 hoofs. It would have been much worse if we were higher, he added.

Had the blast occurred at a higher altitude, it could have led to explosive decompression on the plane, which might have caused most severe structural damage, and would have forced a more rapid drop-off because of limited renders of oxygen to the passengers.

After the explosion, fares put on oxygen disguises and air could be heard racing thought the hole in the fuselage, according to a video taken by a passenger.

Somalia’s government said it will stiffen protection at international airports to prevent other threats.

Fox News Paul Tilsley and The Associated Press contributed to this report .

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