Inserting AMP Stories, a Whole New Way to Speak WIRED

A few years ago, WIRED dedicated an entire concern to examining how the smartphone had changed the world. That change continues to evolve: Starting today, if you &# x27; re use Google to search for something, your results may include a selection of “AMP Stories, ” including some from us at WIRED.

AMP Stories are an entirely new monster. They &# x27; re WIRED floors, hosted on WIRED, but while you can speak them on a laptop or desktop, they &# x27; re prepared with mobile consumption in thinker. In some practices, they &# x27; re not unlike Instagram Narration or our Snapchat Discover editions–you tap through them, rather than scrolling–except they don &# x27; t disappear, and they &# x27; re searchable. Below are the first few you can find online as of today, along with links to their full AMP-Story splendor.

We &# x27; re proud to be part of a very small group of publishers who are creating these tales on day one, and are even more excited to explore new ways to show you what &# x27; s waiting all over the reces. As duration goes on, you &# x27; ll find different forms of AMP Stories from us. There &# x27; ll be publication and entanglement clauses that have been optimized for AMP, as well as AMP-exclusive tales that depict you a whole new surface of the WIRED universe–and they &# x27; ll all be perfectly crafted for your phone.

WIRED has always been about improving a better tomorrow, and part of that assignment is noticing the best ways to return our narratives to our readers–wherever they are, and however they deplete. We hope you &# x27; re as amped as “weve been”.( Sorry .)

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