Invigorating: Convene The Principal Who Agreed To Rush Off The School Building If His Students Speak 10,000 Sheets By June

It looks like the students at Joaquin Miller Middle School have an extra reason to read up this month. Principal Rory Caldwell was looking for a way to motivate his students, so he made them a treat: If they manage to read a combined 10,000 sheets by June 1, inferno jump off the ceiling of the school building.

Take documents, everyone. This person is doing it right!

Caldwell built the edict at the schools monthly forum, and the boys already seem to be responding to the challenge. So far, speaking is up 10 percent over last year as students work toward the wage of reading Mr. Caldwell leap from the three-story schools roof.

Where was this when we were in academy ?!

In the run-up to June 1, Caldwell has been clambering up onto the roof every Friday in May as a remember to maintenance read. To sweeten the pot even more, hes announced that the top five readers in each class will be treated to a pizza party on the day of the phenomenon and will get to sit in a special roped-off section thats even closer to where he will land on the pavement.

What a enjoyable space to motivate the students! These minors are lucky to have a principal whos willing to do whatever it takes to get them decipher. Hats off to Principal Caldwell for running the additional mile!

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