Inside New Yorks Radical Egg-Freezing Clinic for Women

Extend Fertility, a brand-new private clinic in Manhattan, offers egg icing at half market value. It’s also the first standalone rehearsal of its species in the U.S. How advantageous will it be for women? “>

In a November episode of The Mindy Project, a pajama-clad Dr. Lahiri told an auditorium of bright-eyed college student that their babe epoches were numbered.

Your body does not care if you are dating the wrong person, or[ if] the person youre with is also sleeping with the rest of your dorm, she supposed. Your form and your eggs only continue get older, which is why icing them is actually a pretty smart ideait gives you a bit more time to find that one diamond in the crap-heap of American men.

The talk is part of a larger attempt to save her neglecting fertility clinic by cashing in on a brand-new demographic of egg freezershealthy young woman likely to have children before theyre 40, but willing to shell out thousands in case they dont.

That may seem like a stretching, but elective or social egg icing is an increasingly pleading option for young women who want to extend their childbearing window.

Cryopreservation banks host egg icing cocktail parties to convince maidens its a good insurance policy for the future.

They spotlit horrifying quantities about how the amount and excellence of a womans egg supply worsens as she ages, with a steep drop-off after age 35. Silicon Valley companionships even offer insurance packages that cover the costly procedure.

With prices starting at $10,000, egg freezing is prohibitively expensive for those of us who dont work on companionships like Facebook or Apple.

But as of today, Extend Fertilitya brand-new private clinic in Manhattanoffers the procedure at half market value. Its the first standalone egg icing rehearsal in the U.S ., necessitating it doesnt offer IVF( in-vitro fertilization )~ ATAGEND, fetu freezing, donor eggs, or infertility surgery.

Women who ice their eggs generally do so in infertility clinics for an average of $10,000 – $12,000 per cycle is comparable to Extend Fertilitys $ 4,990 for up to four repetitions( 20 percent of women do not retrieve enough eggs in one cycle ). While initial part consultations at infertility clinics run up to $500, theyre free at Extend Fertility.

The process of removing eggs isnt that different from a usual clinicthe procedure takes 15 times( patients often experience twilight anesthesia) and an embryologist suspensions them.

From there, theyre transferred to an egg bank in New England and accumulated until the patient decides to thaw them. In the end, Extend Fertility is a extol( and expensive) centre soldier. Were the stewards of your eggs, youre the owner, supposed Dr. Joshua Klein, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Extend Fertility. You tell us what you want to do, or with whom.

They bill themselves as a premier egg icing work with particular attention paid to case solace, but Extend Fertility isnt precisely the luxury, spa-like clinic youd think it would be. Their your computer is state-of-the-art and the office is squeaky clean, but wheres the slew tea and plush couches? Where are the running cascades and health-and-wellness accoutrements?

Were obviously a medical facility, but weve made a awareness select to do the entire know-how unlike a conventional medical know-how, supposed Klein during a tour of the facility earlier this week.

Indeed, the clinic itself appears more like an Ikea-outfitted workspace than a gynecologists part or family planning core. Initial consultations and meets throughout the process are conducted at “king arthurs round table” in tiny, vitrine-like chambers with light blue walls.

Klein spent years as a reproduction endocrinologist at Reproductive Medicine Accompanied of New York before co-founding Extend Fertility.

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