Inmates abused’ after ‘Spiderman’ escape

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Media captionOffender escapes HMP Peterborough by climbing wall

Security changes to a prison after small children fornication offender made a “Spiderman” escape left vulnerable inmates subject to insult, a report has said.

Gintautas Urbonas scaled a “very high” wall to escape from HMP Peterborough in January.

But a report raised concerns hostages were taken to activities through locked-down areas as a result.

Sodexo, which leads the prison, said the report recognised a particular focus to keep captives safe and increase violence.

The Independent Monitoring Board report of the combined male, female and youth prison encompassed April 2017 to March 2018.

Urbonas utilized gardening gauntlets and a rope made use of face towels to escape near the start of his 12 -year sentence for offences including the attempted rape of a child and child abduction.

Image copyright Cambridgeshire Constabulary Image caption Urbonas was arrested in Peterborough 2 day after escaping from prison

When he was sentenced to extra prison epoch for his escape, Cambridge Crown Court listened “prison officers usurped he’d merely run ahead” from a group returning from a gym.

Afterwards, insurance was strengthened and escort governs were re-emphasised.

The report said there was no increase in brutality but that susceptible hostages were “subject to cat-calls and abuse” as they had to be escorted through locked-down general areas.

Sodexo said there had been no recent issues regarding susceptible inmates at the prison.

The report also said there was “widespread drug use and availability” at the men’s area, and was concerned by the level of violence.

But it praised a prison-run curriculum, Outside Links, for its “excellent work” facilitating captives on their release.

A Sodexo spokesman said: “We welcome the findings of the IMB annual report, which has spotcheck prisoners to be treated fairly with good carry extending into the community for their secrete … Successful reclamation relies heavily on these factors.

“Common to the rest of the prison manor, pharmaceuticals and brutality are a challenge at HMP Peterborough, and such reports recognises our continued focus on remaining captives safe and on efforts to reduce violence.”

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