‘I’m Leading to Die’: Fear Grips Vegas Strip; Gunman Kills 59

Las Vegas( AP) — The rapid-fire popping chimed like firecrackers at first, and many in the crowd of 22,000 country music fans didn’t understand what was happening when the band stopped playing and singer Jason Aldean hustled off stage.

“That’s gunshots, ” a male could be heard articulating emphatically on a cellphone video in the nearly half-minute of stillnes and confusion that followed. A wife pleaded with others: “Get down! Get down! Remain down! “

Then the pop-pop-pop racket resumed. And pure fright set in.

“People start screaming and call and we start pas, ” added Andrew Akiyoshi, who rendered the cellphone video to The Associated Press. “You could find the terror. You could feel like the missiles were operating above us. Everybody’s ducking down, flowing low-spirited to the ground.”

While some concertgoers punched the ground Sunday night, others pushed for the crowded departs, shoving through narrow entrances and climbing over fencings as 40 – to 50 -round flares of automated artilleries fuel rained down on them from the 32 nd flooring of the Mandalay Bay casino hotel.

By Monday afternoon, 59 scapegoats were dead and 527 injured in the most severe mass killing in modern U.S. history.

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