‘I was high as hell’: Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, attacks prescription of OxyContin

The musician wrote about his drug addiction in Time magazine, and bickered its hard to beat lure when doctors prescribe opioids

Flea, the bassist in Red Hot Chili Peppers, has laid bare his strives with craving, and attacked the prescription of the contentious opioid drug OxyContin.

Flea, born Michael Balzary, wrote the revelations in an mind article for Time magazine announced The Temptation of Drugs is a Bitch. In it he says he started inhaling weed aged 11, before he” proceeded to snicker, film, popping, inhale, decline and dragon chase my course through my teens and 20 s .” He added that he had some “close calls” with fatality as a result of his drug-taking, which he “cut out forever” in 1993, aged 30.

Much eventually, following surgery for a ruined forearm after a snowboarding accident, Balzary was prescribed OxyContin.” I was high as inferno when I took those things ,” he writes.” It not only squelched my physical hurting, but all my passions as well. I only took one a day, but I was not present for my teenagers, my artistic character is entered into decline and I grew depressed. I stopped taking them after a few months, but I could have readily gotten another refill.

” Many who are suffering today were introduced to drugs through their healthcare providers. When I was a kid, medical doctors would give me a butterscotch candy after a checkup. Now, they’re handing out writes. It’s hard to beat temptation when the person plying you has a fancy position and credentials and it’s usually bad advice not to rely them.

” There is clearly a time when drugs should be prescribed, but medical professings should be more marking. It’s also evenly obvious that part of any opioid prescription should include follow-up, monitoring and a clear mixture and footpath to rehabilitation if anyone becomes addicted. Big pharma could pay for this with a percentage of their massive earnings .”

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