I Tried Khloe Kardashian’s Pregnancy Workout Routine, And It’s No Joke

Khloe Kardashian recently re-emerged from her social media hiatus had declared that she and her boyfriend Tristan Thompson were expecting a child. First of all, duh. And second of all, still is looking forward to Kylie’s announcement but whatevs. But severely, I am super happy for them. And also happy for the masses who can again follow her every life move on her app and website for the entirely unjust rate of $2.99/ month.

Now at six months pregnant and on a press tour for season two of her evidence, Khloe has taken to her app/ website/ empire to share her maternity workout procedure, and “weve been” v impressed. Sidebar–fuck those bitches who are giving her shit for working out during her maternity. Anyway, inspired by her dedication to fitness and my interest as to whether or not I could accomplish the workout of a amply pregnant luminary whose Instagram establishes it look like she spends her 9-5 at the gym, I dedicated the procedure a try. Spoiler alert: My lazy not-at-all-pregnant organization has nothing on Khloe, and 24 Hour Fitness could really use an gear upgrade.

The Workout

Warm Up: 30 Minute Stair Climber

It’s interesting to me that 30 times of cardio is deemed to be a “warm up”, because to me it’s sufficient time at the gym to vindicate a scone for breakfast. Likewise, it’s very hard to watch on your phone while stair climbing–I misstepped and nearly fell like, three times. Preserve your eyes on the stairs , not Archie’s abs.

Squat+ Shoulder Raises

Khloe then hops into route training beginning with four 30 -second placeds of squattings+ boob shoulder parent. I, for one, have been doing these since my daytimes as a Jillian Michaels workout video enthusiast, so seeing this on Khloe’s routine really brought us closer together. I only stirred it by using three fixeds, though, because I am lazy and impatient.

Push-Up Shoulder Taps

The fact that Khloe does not do these girl form, with her knees on soil, was very upsetting. And also meant that I could only get through 10.

Lateral Duck Walk With Resistance

I could not find a defiance banding at the gym–maybe because it was lacking in paraphernalium options or maybe because I don’t extend often enough to know where shit is. Either style, I didn’t do this one because as a girl who was born pigeon toed, I waste sufficient time walk-to like a bird.

Balance Ball Chest Presses

Those monstrous pellet table chairs for Pilates enthusiasts are so versatile. I’m not sure how many establisheds Khloe does because I can’t afford her app, but I did two establisheds of 15 with 10 -pound loads, and I experience pretty good about it( delight don’t tell me that wasn’t enough ).

Battle Ropes

These consider this to be frightening snakes and I miss good-for-nothing to do with them. Needless to say, I didn’t try to find them at my poorly stocked gym.

Bird-Dog Plank

While Khloe implements Waff Mini’s for instability discipline, I was precarious enough on my own. For this strangely called constitute, you grow your limb and opposite leg, hold for 30 seconds, and repeat on the other side. I accommodated each side twice and was 1. worried I had vertigo, and 2. shocked by how difficult it was to hold a single pose, because I can hold the “lay on the couch and watch TV pose” for hours without bursting a sweat.

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