I Trip For A Living, And Here’s What You Learn Living Life Through The Lens

For the last 11 years, Ive traveled “the worlds” with my long-time wander buddy my camera documenting my incredible global events for my worldwide audience. What started off as a hobby to expeditiously grown into a full-time career, and I couldnt picture “peoples lives” any other way.

Ive been to 50 countries and have experienced incredible and life-changing know-hows: dancing for a monarch, learning under His Holiness the Dalai Lama, working on a vegan commune, clambering an active volcano, and rafting in the Amazon rainforest, just to call a few. During my jaunts, Ive evidenced the many differences we share as a species, but more than that, Ive met the many similarities we share regardless of race, culture, gender, or nationality.

Ive filmed all of these undertakings on my YouTube channel, sharing my experiences with over 85,000 parties each week. Seeing the world from behind a lens and watching how people interact with each other, react, and answer has had a profound impact on me. Its allowed me to attend and connect with beings in a way I never imagined.

1. Kids love the camera but adults dont !
Kids love to be on camera. They go nuts over it. I remember when I was living in Cape Coast, Ghana, and groupings of teenagers I would find every day outside of my home would literally run at full speed toward me when they construed the camera. They would realize me take photos of them and especially enjoyed when I smack the record button. Theyd make funny faces and laugh with and at each other. They Adoration it!

Im always astonished at how camera balk adults are, on the other hand. I think this is because as we grow up, we become more judgmental of ourselves and dwell on our inaccuracies rather than celebrating which is something we love most about ourselves. Kids arent as self-conscious and only adoration ascertaining themselves on camera.

2. Family is all you need .
About nine years ago, I was filming my first film in Peru and I met a family of eight living in extreme poverty. They were living under a scrap metal roof and had to walk many kilometers merely to get clean liquid, hitherto they had a bond they shared with each other that was unlike any Ive seen in Canada. They never stopped smiling. As the mother said, We may not have much, but we have each other and with my family, I am happy. Ill never forget that. 3. Beings are good .
Today, when “the worlds” seems like it is on the verge of disaster and there are so many bad beings doing cruel and unforgivable thoughts, its easy to forget there is more good than evil out there. The report ever dwells on whats wrong in countries around the world and doesnt celebrate all the amazing beings and circumstances that are happening. But, people around the world crave conciliation and interpret, parish and togetherness than dont. Thats why ardour “re going to win”, because there are more beings filled with love than hate.

The more you circulate, the more you see how much love there really is in this world. I specially appeared the charity while I was living in India. People were always helping one another irrespective if they knew each another. During my first month in India, I arrived at a train depot belatedly at night and “d no idea” where I was going to go. This family considered me kind of panicking and be submitted to take me to their house. I know this might seem like a red flag, a situation where you would politely worsen the offer, but I followed my bowel and said yes.( Grows out the family made in Bollywood, lived in a manor, and spoiled me like no one had before .)

4. Everyone wants to be a star.
We all dream of being whizs. As soon as I tell people that I tour the world and move videos on YouTube for a living, they cannot believe what they are hearing. Everyone replies with, You have the daydream position! and I care I could do that!

People always ask me how I do what I do, wish they could be on Youtube, or merely do something that granted them a bit of a spotlight. Traveling has schooled me the majority of us harbour secret desires to be in the spotlight and be in front of a camera.

5. People are more alike than they are different .
The more I wander and the more cultures I dive into, the more I realize how same we are and that our differences all come from the same necessities. We want to believe in something bigger than ourselves, we want to love and be loved, we want to be respected and to experience safe, we love to celebrate something wherever possible, and we all love to eat. Even though we may approach these basic wants and requirement differently, in the end “were all” alike in regard to these basic situations in life. 6. Solo female travelling isnt as spooky as its made out to be .
Ive travel by myself often. People often be considered that traveling the world as a solo girl is dangerous and foolish. I used to internalize that suspicion and was apprehensive when I firstly started. But the more I traveled, the more I realized that solo female jaunt is no scarier than being back at home.

Ive never detected unsafe, even when traveling solo for three months across India( which numerous beings find intimating ). Of track, like in all regions of the world( even your own backyard ), “youre using” your common sense and follow your intestine in all situations. Thats my greatest tip for anyone thinking of taking a solo trip.

You cant live in fear. Traveling the world has induced me a stronger, most independent wife by “re giving me” the chance to break out of my eggshell and is proof that Im a capable person.

7. Travel is a privilege .
There isnt a daytime that goes by that Im not thankful for getting to do what I do. I know that beings dream of learning the world, and I get to do it for a living. More than 2.8 billion people nearly 40% “of the worlds” population live on less than$ 2 USD a daytime! Those who are too sick, have parents or infants to care for, project two jobs to represent payment, or just lost out on the golden passport gamble might never be able to even explore their own country, let alone trip “the worlds”. Travel is privilege, and the more I do it, the more I am thankful for the fluke and possibility I have to report to so many others. I be considered that has been one of the biggest readings of them all for me.

Video connects us in a way words never will. When “youre watching” a video of a place, the colourings, determines, smiles of the people, and sounds glean you into the fib and constitute “youre feeling” as if you were there, suffering it with the person or persons filming. It can be a supernatural and very inspiring know. When I watch video and playback what Ive shot, Ive hauled back to where I was and appear even more connected to the world. Travel is an seeing opening ordeal. It may not be for everyone. Long word travel the lane I do it might acquire most people wince but the more I jaunt, the more I get to understand the world we live in.

But even more importantly, its allowed me to experience and understand myself my hopes, reveries, and lusts. Its taken me out of my convenience zones, prepared me less shy, more outgoing, and more confident in who I am and what I can do.

I be considered that been the most important reading of them all.

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