I have a mental disturbance. This is what happened when I tried to buy a handgun.

Its 7 a. m ., and a police officer stops me at the gate of the only superhighway that are conducive to Moon Island.

She asks me for my pass, which I scramble to retrieve from my messenger crate in the backseat of the car. Moon Island is a restricted dimension controlled by the city of Boston, even though its technically in the town of Quincy. But this is hardly the most ludicrous or confusing character about my date. Because Moon Island is also the orientation of the Boston Police shooting scope, and Im here to take a target test so I can get my gun tolerate .

The officer furrows her brow as she checks my compas pass, and I wonder if its that obvious that Ive never actually shot a real firearm before in my life.

She tells me to wait outside for 10 or 15 times because the range instructors dont like it when people are early. This is the exact opposite of what the licensing officer told me when I planned my appointment three days earlier: “Try to arrive about 15 times early, ” she said. “The range instructors are nice guys, but they dont like to be kept waiting.”

Obviously, Im off to a good start.

I drive across a land bridge and stand outside for a while, seeing small talk with some police cadets who are also there as part of their training. “You here for your permission research? ” one of them says to me. “Youre the smart one.” Im not sure if this is denote as positive support for obtaining a gun permit or a pun about plodding through police establishment. But its 7 o’clock in the morning, and Im really not at my best.

When I finally walk inside the small classroom cabin at exactly 7:15 a.m ., I make a mental document of the other beings there to take the test a lily-white guy who seems to be in his 50 s or 60 s, a Hispanic guy in his 20 s, and a straight grey duet in their 20 s or early 30 s.

The instructor searches up at me, shakes his head, and says, “Youre late.”

Then he sides me a pail with 30 rounds and a. 38 revolver.

Wait. Lets back up. Theres something you should know about me before I go on about the shooting assortment: I have ADHD. And it has a huge influence on my life.

My brain is a massive ocean of too much intelligence. Without my medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, its easy for me to get lost in the undertow. No trouble how hard I try to fight the current, I still get overwhelmed and confused by every strange quality I experience beneath my paws. This never goes away.

All sketches by Kitty Curran.

And the drugs that do manage to help me a little? They arent easy to get .

One of those is Adderall. I remember back in the spring of 2013 awaiting around at CVS when a frown pharmacist called me to the counter. Thanks to its status as a Schedule II controlled substance( such as barbiturates or opioids ), there are no automated restorations for Adderall prescriptions, and the doctor cant bellow or fax one in either.

So every month, the number exits like this : I call the doctors office three to five days before the end of the prescription cycle( but no earlier than 21 eras since my last-place prescription was filled ), then wait a couple of periods for the request to get from the receptionist to the doctor. Then I roam in person to pick up the brand-new prescription and hand-deliver it to the pharmacy. But it doesnt ever depart smoothly like on that spring daylight in question. I was sitting in the CVS after Id already exited a few daytimes without my medication, which drew me all the more eager to get back to my “normal” functionality as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the pharmacist informed me they were out of broth and werent expecting another shipment for a week. Doh .

With my prescription in hand, I biked over to another CVS, but they extremely were out of inventory and would be for a while. This time, the pharmacist has pointed out that the country was in the midst of a national shortage of Adderall, which had apparently been caused by some confusing collision of agendas between the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Food and Drug Administration, and large-hearted pharmaceutical companies.

So I established up at a third CVS that day and was elated to discover they actually had the drug!

But 10 hours of waiting was transformed into 15, then 45, and I went to check if everything was OK. It wasnt. Massachusetts law expects pharmacies to substitute generic-brand drugs unless otherwise specified by the doctor. But it turned out that my insurance merely plowed the name-brand form of Adderall, which they couldnt give me because medical doctors has not been able to written “no substitutions” by his signature.

“Cant I simply write ‘no substitutions’ by myself with a pencil? How would you even know if “its been” medical doctors or not? ” I questioned.

“Well, I would know now, ” the pharmacist said. “And that would be fraud.”

She had me there.

So I got back on my bicycle, went back to the hospital where Id already been once that day, and waited in line again . I interpreted the whole scenario as I requested the receptionist to delight exactly write “no substitutions” on my prevailing prescription. Because remember: These prescriptions arent accepted by phone or email or fax, and theyre merely allowed to write me one a month.

After some five hours and 15 miles of biking back and forth( and enough stress to kill an elephant ), I got my prescription. But that was just for one month. And while this was certainly a worst-case scenario, its regrettably not so far off from every other month.

If youre amazing what my monthly quest for ADHD meds has to do with to purchase a handgun, youre not the only one.

On Oct. 4, 2015, I was sitting in my mothers couch, sipping on a whiskey, while my father watched CNN’s coverage of the Umpqua Community College hitting that had claimed 10 lives just a few daylights earlier. We had just recalled from a suicide awareness walk, and I couldnt improve but shy each time the shooters mental health was brought into question by the news anchors, police chief, and other scholars. At one point, a reporter even interrogated the crap-shooters father immediately about his sons “mental makeup” despite the fact that the man was clearly in outrage and lament.

Its the argument attained far-famed by Ann Coulter: “Guns dont kill people, the mentally ill do.”

But the truth is far from that. Here are the facts :

People with mental disease make up about 20% of specific populations , and they are significantly more likely to be scapegoats than perpetrators of grease-gun brutality in the United States. And more than half of gun-related death toll of the United States are suicides.

Realistically, less than 5% of gun-related slays from 2001 -2 010 were perpetrated by someone with a diagnosed mental illness , according to a survey published in the American Journal of Public Health in 2015. Mass shootings in particular account for less than 1% of firearm extinctions, and some generators project mental illness figure into only about half of those.

I mean, its just kind of hard to draw any useful prognosis or resolutions from these types of fractions.

So as I sat and listened to yet another dour cable report expert rattle on about how the 20% of Americans who are like me are mostly tragic but irrefutable beings because we have psychiatric surroundings, I decided I’d just about had enough of this unfounded is connected with mental health and grease-gun claims. I grabbed my laptop and chose right then that I wanted to investigate such systems .

Within five minutes, Id found a listing for a Cobra 380 Derringer Big Bore pistol in Kentucky. It was hot pink and merely rate $114.95. I made a burner Google phone number and email address and transported a message to the trader that I was interested.

He called me 10 a few minutes later.

People with ADHD we tend to be a little bit impulsive. So its a good happen I live in Massachusetts.

Gun constitutions go from regime to district, and as I was ultimately learn during the course of its licensing process this is a major factor in our nations gun trouble. While Kentuckys constitutions are very loose, for example, all online handgun sales in the country is necessary carried to a licensed dealer in the purchaser home country. This meant that my little pink Saturday Night Special was going to be harder to get than I had hoped because Id have to obtain a Massachusetts gun license firstly.

But it didnt take long for me to learn that there are plenty of simple-minded and semi-legal rooms around this, more.

Most gun-control rankings consider Massachusetts to be the third-strictest state for artilleries in the union; by comparison, Kentucky grades around 42 nd. Massachusetts also has one of the lowest paces of gun-related deaths per capita, although its only fair to point out that correlation isnt inevitably causation.

But if I was r eally determined to get a firearm, I could have just applied for a Utah artillery let( which is available to any U.S. resident by mail for just $49 and is recognized in 36 other commonwealths) then driven an hour northward to New Hampshire and acquired a rifle there. Or, I could have changed my legal residence to my in-laws’ house in Vermont I do waste sufficient time there, even if it is legally questionable. In both cases, I could still obtain and own a handgun, even though I legally could not help it in my actual residence district of Massachusetts.

This a pretty good summation of how confusing, obnoxious, and generally manipulable our countrys state-by-state gun constitutions are.

It’s important to be recognised that I didnt actually want this pistol. I didn’t plan to use it all. But I wanted to know if get a grease-gun certainly was as simple as they said it was , especially given the bureaucratic frustrations that Id already lived through in my to make efforts to get proper mental health care. Gun control proposes and firearm enthusiasts always seem to be talking past each other, and I thought that if I actually learned firsthand about how to buy a grease-gun, I would be better able to understand the proofs on both sides of that conversation and communicate with beings instead of at them.

( Too, the city of Boston offers a gun buyback platform that offer $200 no questions asked, and I thought it would be various kinds of funny if I could make a profit off of a cheap, crappy gun .)

As inviting as it was to try and skirt the system simply to say I did it, though, I decided to go through the proper Massachusetts licensing process to see what it was like. So I signed up for the next available artillery safe course in my area which was eight miles back and started such courses 16 hours later.

That’s how I objective up at a plastic folding table in a lonely repository just outside Boston at 9 a. m. on a lonely Saturday morning.

The bulk of this wide-open industrial room was a hall of styles, littered with gym mats and home usage material. There was an empty glass display case to the left where inventory should have been and a few decorative pistols hanging on a section of the wall. The classroom proportion was sectioned off, with a few NRA posters to contribute papas of shade to the otherwise bland drywall.

I took a posterior toward the center-back, behind a friendly middle-aged duet from the nearby neighbourhood of Tewksbury. I was genuinely impressed by the diversity of the chamber seven dames, including a pitch-black woman and a Hispanic woman, and 11 gentlemen, including information Asian follower.

The three-hour NR-Acertified class cost $ 100 currency, and the first half-hour corresponded wholly of an instructional refuge video created by someone with the National Rifle Association . Maybe it was my ADHD, which in my instance, is accompanied by auditory processing problems, but it was really hard to sit still through 30 minutes of things like this:

“When a guns provoke is drawn, a specific string of events pass. First, the firing rod strikes the primer or speciman boundary and ignites the priming complex. The kindle generated by the priming combination kindles the pulverization charge. The gunpowder scorches rapidly and generates a large publication of red-hot, high-pressure gas. At this time, the instance walls expand against the walls of appeals chamber to organize a gas shut. Ultimately, the high pressure gas propels the bullet out of the barrel at a high velocity.”

Did your eyes gloss over? Mine did . It felt like a moves ed teacher explaining the combustion cycle of the engine, which is able to save you some money at the auto shop but isnt necessarily going to build you a most responsible driver. It’s surely helpful to know how a handgun works, but these dry and exceedingly technological hardware explainers didn’t actually educate me much.

The “safety” aspects of the video were mostly focused on artillery scopes, proper home care, and storage for the pistol. And there were occasional mentions that yes, you should also be carrying it on your party at all ages. According to this video, all gun-related occurrences were “accidents, ” which were only caused by stupidity or carelessness.

So what exactly constitutes “safe pistol operation”? This was reached clearly stated:

“Knowing all the gun’s security patterns is not enough to ensure safe shooting. Having a safety-oriented outlook is the most important factor in filming security. Thus, you should focus is not simply on memorizing the relevant rules, but also on developing the type of posture that ensures that you will follow them at all times.”

In other paroles, refuge is the practice of being safe, which you are able to do because its important and, thus, safe. Get it!

Oh, and there was something else about how youre not supposed to operate a firearm under the influence of recreational pharmaceuticals, prescription drugs, depressants, or tonics. But even with my Adderall, I was be very difficult paying attention to the stale mechanical expression in the video.

And theres no way that it could be safer and legally required for me to be off my medication when shooting a firearm … right?

After the video, their teachers justified the basic local laws to us.

He was a heavy-set Italian-American man in a matched grey-headed jumpsuit with a dense North Shore accent, and he did not hesitate to add the renunciation that he was not a legal expert and that if someone had any real the issue of handgun rules in the state of Massachusetts( which this is the only way ever referred to as “Stupid-chusetts” and became us repeat that un-clever nickname back to him several times ), they should consult a solicitor.

He explained that there are three all kinds of handgun lets you can get in Massachusetts: the pistol identification poster( FID ), which restriction the user to a rifle or a shotgun; a limited license to carry( LTC ), which allows for handguns and semiautomatics as long as theyre kept in the home or in the trunk of your gondola; or an un curtailed license to carry( LTC ), which allows you to conceal-carry anywhere youd like.

As for how to get each of these permissions? Thats where acts get a little more complicated because it all depends on the laws of the town in which you reside , not the town youre in when youre carrying that gun. And when pressed on the details of what happens when, say, a Kentucky resident with a conceal-carry permission is demonstrated by in Boston, the instructor just told us to echo: “Stupid-chusetts.”

For the most part, their teachers seemed to be less concerned about gun refuge or etiquette than “hes in” helping us to not get arrested.

“You have to cover yourself, ” he illustrated. “Remember: Its your gun. No exhausting the artillery within 150 feet of a dwelling or a highway. So if you envision Bambi running in all the regions of the freeway, you do not go over and start shooting at her. Everybody understand? ”

He then reminded us that we cannot rehearsal our privilege to bear arms while in prison. In general, “exercising our right” did appears to take priority over, erm, anything else about handguns.

While the instructor did insist that we do our best to follow all laws and clues that restrict us from carrying a gun with us into certain places, he also made it clear that this was stupid, even though it was the law. “Picture your children in a classroom right now, some maniac comes through and starts shooting at everyone. Theres no such situation as shelter.”

As if right on cue, he said, “The only thing that stops that guy is a grease-gun. So they need to change that law so that schoolteachers can start carrying grease-guns. Everyone “mustve been” carrying a handgun. If they havent realized that now, somethings gonna happen and they will. ‘Gun free zones’ do not work. They simply introduce the maniacs in.”

Then he exhaled and admitted, “But if you do find a signal that says ‘no guns allowed, ‘ its excellent to only heed the relevant rules, OK? ”

Perhaps the most interesting thing I learned that day was that it is, in fact, illegal to own a grenade launcher in the state of Massachusetts.

This is part of the reason that Massachusetts is deemed such a strict position for gun proprietors: Even when you have obtained that license to carry, there are some extra rules about what you can and cannot own thanks to a statewide ban on “assault weapons.”

Our instructor explained that the regime restricts the duration of your gun barrel, for example, and has an outright ban on high-capacity periodicals of more than 10 missiles( which rules out anything made after September 1994, and these rules have been tightened even more since I took this class ).

To be fair, theres no clear evidence that censoring semiautomatic weapons alters gun brutality frequencies either way. In criticizing this law, the instructor did make a valid point: If someone is intent on assassination, its not going to make much of certain differences whether they have a 27 -inch barrel or a 29 -inch barrel.

But the rest of the class seemed especially scandalized at the idea that the government would dare impede their constitutional right to a grenade launcher. In happening, there was some brief disorder about which revision, exactly, pledged our claim to a grenade launcher. The coach assured us that it was the Second.

10 weeks later, I checked off my next “gun owner” box at the Boston Police headquarters, where I swapped fibs about epoch boozing during the Boston Marathon with law enforcement officers while she reeled my fingerprints.

Thats another recreation item about Massachusetts gun rules that you wont find in most other countries: You have go down to the police station and meet with an officer for the purposes of an in-person background check. Theres no obligatory waiting times for this you could feasibly show up the very next business day after youve taken your safety route but since Im a resident of Boston proper, occasions were booked up jolly far in advance.

One officer told me that it used to take two to four weeks to make an appointment in Boston. But ever since President Barack Obama announced his executive project in January 2016, the phones had been running off the hook with residents who were eager to get a gun before the government took that right away from them alone.

They indicated that they are handling upward of 30 brand-new LTC askings per era , and a remarkable sum of them were from 21 -year-old college students who were anxious to accomplish this particular rite of passage. Car at 16, handgun at 21 for some people, thats just how it goes, the policeman said.

The actual interrogation and background check process was fairly simple.

My small talk and joke with the licensing officer was surprisingly delicious. She explained to me that the Boston Police Department isnt very interested in preventing beings from activity their Constitutional claim to bear arms. They only want to make sure that those who are armed replenish a very basic and primarily objective criteria of the competencies and persona.

What this meant was a few basic questions: Had I ever been convicted of a felony or violent crime or anything involving alcohol, drugs, or operating under the influence? Had I been dishonorably exhausted from the military forces, or had I ever been the subject of a court-sanctioned restraining order? Had I ever been committed to a hospital or organization for mental illness or substance abuse ?

The formal part of this questioning lasted all of 15 minutes. I wrote “personal safety” on the official paperwork as my reason for obtaining an LTC, and that was good enough; no questions asked.

After the man took my photo and after I approved of the webcam-quality mugshot that would appear on my physical license I asked what would happen if I had answered “yes” to any of the necessary themes. She said that some of them were dealbreakers while others plainly necessitated a written rationale and subsequent fact-checking.

I was surprised to learn that anyone who had ever been imprisoned for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence was censored for life from acquiring an LTC in Massachusetts. Misdemeanours, restraining notice, and other situations, nonetheless, were evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

This might resonate concerning, but the patrolman made a valid point in her explain: People do stupid substance all the time, and were all human, so you shouldnt “ve lost your” rights just because you were a stupid high school elderly who got caught with some flowerpot or a plagiarized sugar rail.

The only stunt was, and still is, figuring out where to draw the line. Unfortunately, there’s no objective criteria for what causes gun savagery and even if there was, the governmental forces wouldn’t be allowed to find it. It would technically be discrimination if we didn’t allow innocent people with psychiatric surroundings( or disabilities or brown surface) to rehearsal their Constitutional rights. And it’s not the job of the police to pass moral conviction on every would-be artillery owner nor should it be.

So that was that, I approximate.

Then, ultimately, I intent up on Moon Island four weeks later, at the Boston Police shooting compas, to try to pass a target measure even though Id never killed a firearm before.

Thats the other stuff Boston has that the rest of Massachusetts doesnt: a obligatory shooting exam. If I lived across the river in Cambridge or in any of the 36 states that recognize that Utah gun license I could legally get my hands on a firearm without ever actually touching one. But as nearby residents of the town of Boston, I too had to prove a bare minimum basic competency with a handgun before theyd let me buy one for myself . At one point during my test, one of the range instructors checked me struggling to steady the. 38 six-gun in my hands, perhaps because I had never held an actual gun in my hands before that morning.( And likewise I wasnt on my Adderall because its illegal to operate firearms while under the influence of any type of drug .) He moved over to me while I was reloading and offered some friendly advice. “Focus on the sight , not the target, ” he said. “Dont pull the trigger, constrict . Just breathe, tighten, and keep it steady.”

I did what he said or tried to, anyway. Then I hear a loud pong “re coming out” somewhere near my target paper. “That was a pole, ” the instructor said. “Youre supposed to hit the target. Not the pole. And whatd my pole ever do to you? ”

Oops .

That first time I took the shooting test was my first time handling a firearm. 14 of my 30 bullets didnt even affected the paper, let alone the target in the centre for human rights of it.

In order to pass, you were supposed to tallied a minimum of 210 out of 300 possible items on high standards target with echoes for eight, nine, and 10 moments. If you fail the first time, you can try again within two weeks; and if you miscarry the second meter, you have to wait six months to try again.

They wouldnt even tell me what I scored the first time around because it was so embarrassingly low-pitched. But they did make sure to tantalize me about failing to a girl as it turned out, the only wife in our five-person radical got the second-highest rating.

Passive-aggressive sexist bravado aside, the test executives were still surprisingly encouraging. They said they were confident I would extend the next time as long as I was relaxed and focused.

“We require everyone to pass, but if you cant do it, we cant pass you, ” one of them said as I left.

“And you know, if youre open but not quite there, well bump your rating up for ya. Were neat like that, ” said the other.

“We dont actually do that, ” said the first one, with a light.

When I reverted two weeks later, I managed to score 256 points out of a possible 300, obliging me the highest sharpshooter on the straddle that day .

All I had to do was loosen, take my experience, deter both gazes open on the gun seeings, and mash the provoke when I find ready.

It might sound silly to execute that killing experiment requirement if anyone like me can guide with flying colors the second largest occasion around. But Id counter without saying that it learnt me how to respect administering a pistol , which could make a difference for the hundreds of people who are killed and the tens of thousands more who are injured per year by “unintentional” firearm occurrences. And frankly, that seems a lot safer to me than letting any ol American walk into a artillery accumulate and leave with an M8 2, having never so much as graded a high rating on Duck Hunt beforehand.

As the licensing officer to present to me before I took( and re-took) the target measure, merely about 1% of applicants actually flunk on both tries not because of a failure to punch a target, but because they exposed dangerously questionable behaviours or positions on the wander. If they played like they were in a Western or a Quentin Tarantino film, for example, the officers on Moon Island would call up the licensing government ministries and say, “That guy? No direction . ” Even if they did superstar the test.

That might be a bit subjective, but it’s also a jolly low-pitched rail, so I’m altogether OK with it.

So that’s how I, Thom Dunn, person with a mental disorder and who tends toward impulsiveness and distractibility, was conceded a licence to carry by the regime of Massachusetts.

In these highly specific circumstances, a successful gun licensing process like the one in Massachusetts takes about just as much occasion as it does to get a mental health diagnosis or to find an available healer about six to eight weeks if youre lucky and up to six months if youre not. And thats in one of the countrys largest centre for medical and life sciences. Most other territories have fewer health care options and looser firearm requirements.

And that’s really the crux of it: Formerly you have a gun license if your territory even asks that is something that you can buy a firearm, and youre good to go. $500 will get you a respectable semiautomatic pistol and a carton of missiles.

Mental health care, on the other hand, is an ongoing management . Its not like a cold or a busted leg that mends over hour. You have to keep up with prescription reclamations, with care, and so on. You might discover to cope it over era, but it never really goes away. And when you’re plowed like a leper or made to feel like you’re ruined or feeble just for seeking aid which tends to happen in this country that only serves to constitute their own problems worse.

I embarked on this whole expedition because I was fed up with the link between artilleries and mental health. And now that I have a gun license, I’m still fed up with it.

Before I got my license to carry, I wasnt a big fan of handguns. And to be fair, Im still not.

But I likewise have a whole new to better understand just how involved the gun brutality problem really is and how hard it is to determine who can or can’t have a gun .

Blaming violence on neurological provisions like ADHD or schizophrenia or bipolar illness is about as ridiculous as saying, “It’s not guns! It’s Fridays! ” Sure, there’s been some overlap, but not enough for us to make any useful conclusions about it. Parties with mental illness are fully capable of resulting joyous, healthy lives, and their decision-making procedures arent inevitably affected by their conditions.( And only if they are, it doesn’t usually manifest as moving fits of murderous feeling .)

But the question still puts: How do we stop artilleries from going in the handwritings of would-be gunmen?

After reading how to handle a artillery, I am more cozy with their general actuality, and Im glad to have had the chance to speak with ordinary, rational human firearm owneds who, like me, were concerned about safety. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised by that last part after all, 74% of NRA members agree on the need for stronger universal background checks.

But to fix this, we can’t punish or restrict innocent people before they’ve ever committed a crime. What we can do instead is the bare minimum due diligence in made to ensure that the individuals who do have access to firearms are of sound physical and mental condition regardless of whether they have a psychiatric position .

I actually think that a organization like the one in Massachusetts could be a good place to start for that, but I’m open to a talk.

( There’s likewise that issue of states’ rights, which enable people to legally secure illegal pistols precisely by driving to another state, but that’s a whole immense communication in and of itself to table for another time .)

As much as we like to think of ourselves as rational beings, experiment shows that our personal perceptions color the room we look at the world for better and for worse.

Unfortunately, our public discourse about grease-guns tends to revolve around mass shootings, which only make up a fraction of the overall firearm death toll of the country. Often, we reject the evidence to the contrary and convince ourselves instead that any person who is kills another person must continue to be mentally ill. But “being a murderer” is not the same as having a mental illness.

These suspicions and feelings are why some people does in fact feel safer with a artillery despite the mounting evidence to the contrary.

They’re why we speak about “criminals” and “bad guys” with grease-guns like they’re a faceless, monolithic evil. They’re why attempted suicide is a felony in some states but killing person based on a subjective assertion of self-defense is law in others.

And they’re why we maintain incorrectly likening gun brutality with mental illness.

It seems strange, but these insights are a natural part of “healthy” human brain function. However, they also contribute more to our continued grease-gun difficulty than mental illness ever will because they prevent us from having a productive gossip.

Perhaps the biggest roadblocks in addressing our nation’s question with handgun violence, then, are fear and a lack of empathy on every line-up of every polemic .

As we’ve recognized throughout history, one missile has the power to change the world.

But so does a single intuition. And everything there is comes down to the difference between those two things.

Bullets are did for demolition, even when they’re used in self-defense. But ideas can be used to make . And I think that’s a much more powerful happen.

There’s a lot of involved ground to address around firearms in America. But it all simmers down to the fact that violence merely ever begets brutality. If we want to live in a safer, saner world-wide, then we need to stop exchanging missiles and start exchanging our ideas instead .

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