I Eventually Know Why Cameron And Mikala Broke Up

Were back at and I am just now learning that its not the climax. Ugh.

Mikala : Cam and I are gonna be in a life-long affair no matter what. Cam :

Meanwhile Morgan and Tori are celebrating their cop-out. Morgan is truly attracting an Alicia, being like can I have a caress on the forehead?

Me :

Wake me up when individual fucks. Hell, Ill settle for a makeout at this point.

Devins speak about how he should steal.

Devin: Youre a standup guy youre not gonna steal the money.

Inner Devin: Steal the money it moves so much better appreciation and “it wouldve been” such a usual Devin move.

Morgans like Tori and I used to have so many sensations for one another and now we have none.

Speak for yourself, dude.

YAS Morgan and Tori eventually go to the boom boom room. Never have I been more excited for two beings to do something kinda ratchet on national television.


AAAAHAHAHA THEYRE GONNA BE MOVING. Fucking – god. Thats good. Hey Tori, wanna meet facilitate me move? Its this Saturday. Come thru.

Honestly I dont even wanna watch this challenge because its just like, all the stress of this past week plus all the stress Im going to incur this weekend and this is really giving me anxiety.

It does involve some rappelling though. Thats pretty cool. Too let’s discuss how Tori makes the same precise face/ hand gestures every time Karamo interprets the challenge.

Like, girl. You’ve been doing this for what, eight weeks now? You understand that the point of these challenges is to be defying, yes?

Anyway. The members of the delegation is a fucking joke regardless since they are get elevators to move these damn containers! What I wouldnt pay for an elevator in New York City! JK the amount I would pay for an elevator is extremely low, hence why I live in a walk-up in the first place.

Cam: Because of blind people option Im thinking about the money and not her.

Mikala : I certainly dont wanna let Cameron down.

Ahh Im beginning to see why this relationship crashed and burned, and that reason starts with a Cam and ends with an ameron.

Tori is actually fucking up over here, taking my programme when emptying grocery store purses from the car into the house: simply taking it all in one trip no matter how slow “theres going”. It is not a good call. Maybe she shouldnt facilitate me move.

Rashida is having a full-blown panic attack over the facts of the case that shes was just about to rappel like, two steps. Im pretty sure my college rock climbing gym class had higher posts than this( I nearly couldnt alumnu because I almost failed, but I necessitate like, in terms of the summits we were clambering ).

I merely dont understand how Cam was going to steal last-place night when hes the one who forced Mikala into this activity in the first place? God damn. These hoes aint loyal.

Adam: Hey Shanley how do I do this?

Shanley* in hassled coach spokesperson *: Read the instructions. What did I tell you.

Real fucking helpful, Shanley. Dont ever lose anything because Shanley would be like Where did you have it last-place? You fucking idiot.”

WOW were really about to onslaught Adams manliness right now? Holy shit. Have you ever set a car by yourself other than changing a tire? Bitch, get over yourself. Plenty of people cant secure a damn carthats why car-mechanics are a highly specialized and highly paid sell. Fuck outta here.

Morgans like Im not supporting Tori as shes about to rappel of this building. Thats how we work together as a team. Sure. K.

Devin and Rashida somehow prevail come again? I must have missed when they finished the challenge. Cool, whatever, dont care.

Morgan and Tori get second place. Fuck yeah. Although theyre not necessarily safe I guess* yells a little inside *.

Adam and Shanley somehow beat out Cam and Mikala.

They all defendant and tbh at this detail I took a wine violate so I merely hope good-for-nothing noteworthy happened. Am I going lazy? You fucking bet. Too many damn commercials in this bitch and I get shit to do.

Adam : My strategy is to just go to sleep before Shanley gets mad at me.

I stand by my earlier commentary that Adam is a battered bride, FWIW.

Theyre all at the pool and Shanley is bitching at Adam( again) and shes like none of you understand what its like! You dont know what its like to deal with him! Like, okay. This guy from what Ive read is not an all-star but hes not a gargantuan fuckup like shes attaining it seem? Unless I have missed something. Adam is like…fine?

Adam is trying to be nice to Shanley and EVEN STILL shes like Yeah it would suck if I went home with nothing held how hard I personally acted while you sat on your ass and lent nothing.

For someone who Shanley thinks is an idiot, Adam is 100% right when he says that he could acquire and Olympic medal and Shanley would still talk shit about how much he sucks.


Adam and Shanley go in, amazing no one. I’m genuinely attracting for the double steal.

Adam: If you click share, were going to the final. I know we havent been on the same sheet but I came in with a affection Im not willing to lose.

Inner Adam aka Adam to the camera: If I knew Shanley was going to steal, Id wholly steal. Id rather we both go home with good-for-nothing than she get everything.

Me :

Shanleys speech was like blah blah blah, me me blah, blah blah blah blah me me me. Figure that comment!

Morgan : Shanley mistreats Adam and shes really good at lying and putting on an act.


Adam opts Share! WHAT. THE. FUCK. DUDE.

Shanley opts Share ?!?!?!

Dude holy shit. WTF. I am shook. I absolutely did not think this would happen. I really made this would be the double steal weve “re waiting for” all season.

Cam and Mikala are going home. I’m actually room less lamentable about this than I would have been had Cam not disclosed himself to be a mega asshole.

Karamo: Cam, do you think youre going home stronger as a couple?

Cam: Yeah. I intend, whatever I guess.

Inner Cam: Nah, fuck this bitch, I’m outtie.

Tori aims this escapade with a summer camp choru to avenge Cameron and Mikala. K, that was weird.

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