Hundreds of refugees try to scale barricade subdividing Morocco and Spanish enclave

An estimated 1,100 people from sub-Saharan Africa try to reach Europe by clambering over their own borders barricade with Ceuta on New Years Day

Hundreds of refugees have tried to hop a high double barrier between Morocco and the Spanish district of Ceuta, arising in murderous strifes with police.

A group of 1,100 beings from sub-Saharan Africa trying to reach Europe attempted to climb their own borders barrier just after 4am( 0300 GMT) on New Years Day in an extremely violent and organised method, said here central governments representative office in Ceuta.

Only two refugees managed to get over the wall. The humankinds were badly disabled and sent to hospital in Ceuta, the bureau said in a statement. A same occurrence on 9 December construed more than 400 migrants penetrate the tiny enclave.

The group is seeking to personnel open some of the doors in the external barricade, utilizing cast-iron rails, wire cutters and large stones with which they assaulted Moroccan troops and( Spanish) Guardia Civil( police) agents, the statement said.

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Five Spanish police officers and 50 members of the Moroccan patrols were injured, including one who lost an eye, it said.

A Moroccan interior ministry explanation “re just saying that” 10 of the use of force were in a serious condition.

Ceuta and Melilla, another Spanish territory in North Africa, have the European Unions exclusively territory frontiers with Africa.

They are one of the entry points for African migrants striving a better life in Europe, who get there by either climbing over their own borders fence, swimming along the coast or hiding in vehicles.

On Monday, a French national was arrested for trying to board a ferry out of Ceuta with a camper van where 12 Algerians were found bury, automobile sick and sweating, police said.

According to local authorities, of the 1,100 immigrants who stormed their own borders Sunday, merely over 100 managed to climb up the external fencing and stayed on top for hours.

Footage shot by the neighbourhood Faro TV presents one person perched at the upper part of the six-metre( 20 -foot) high-pitched barrier, sitting uncomfortably near rotations of barbed wire, his head hanging down onto his chest.

Eventually as darkness becomes to light-headed, he slowly clambers down to a seat between both barriers and lies down as a Spanish polouse retrieves him a bottle of sea before taking him to an enter back into Morocco.

Separately, coastguards said they had rescued 52 people who were parcelled onto a small boat at sea south of Malaga on Spains southern coast.

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