How Yoga Made Me A Better Athlete And Person, As Told By Olympian Elena Hight

Admittedly, Winter X Games wizard and two-time Olympian Elena Hight’s first encounters with yoga were notthe most enjoyable.

The 26 -year-old snowboardertells Elite Daily,

I honestly didn’t like it at first, but it became me feel so good. And I would get out of class and be like,’ Why do I feel so good if it’s so hard? ’

Some five years later, the answer to her theme is clear.

In both her personal and sporting lives, yoga has made a very tangible and positive impact.

The fitness practice hasbeen so good to her, that as the Hawaii native sits down forthis interview in the athletes’ sofa at Buttermilk Mountain, the site of the 2016 Winter X Activity in Aspen, a communication about yoga produces just as great a smile as does amention of the single most remarkable time of Hight’sprofessional career.

When speaking ofthe intense focus and concentration that help her district such ruses, Hight replies,

It’s one of the best senses in the world, when there’s nothing else around you except for what you’re doing. It stimulates the moments really special.

And that seeming was one of the many grounds Elena Hight tells yoga became her a better jock and person.

Injury Prevention

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Most snowboarders tend to have notable forte in certain muscles to facilitate region impressive turns and gyrations, but that forte often makes a stiffness that builds it hard for athletes’ forms to absorb hard impacts and drops-off, Hight says.

A limitation of flexible ensues, she excuses, but the five-time X Games medalist insists yoga alters that accomplish. She justified,

After a little while it only started helping me so much with my traumata and during snowboard season biding loose and not going injured. So it’s become a huge part of my life.

…Having the balance between forte and flexibility, which comes from yoga, it gives your body space more movement and simply manufactures it much simpler to bounce back from a hard fall, ’cause your muscles are looser and more, what’s the word I’m looking for, resilient.


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Sure, it’s facilitated her physically, but yoga also has a “huge mental aspect, ” she was speedy to remind us.

Yoga, and the practices that come with it, like musing, helped Elena up her concentration. Howshe’s been able to improve in that view has “correlated so much with snowboarding.”

According to Hight, “If you can’t keep your sentiment focused on what you’re doing you surely can’t territory your tricks.”

And it’s draws gumption, extremely. As opposed to other sports where players are expected to perform over an extended period of time, snowboarders like Elena must impress during operates that last no more than a minute. She reads,

That’s the thing about snowboarding: If you’re not there you’re not gonna be able to do it.

Concentration during those specific moments, then, is key.

Being present

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Hight extended the concept of concentration into a conversation about “being present, ” and how important that is for those who tradition yoga.

Always being present, she tells, is what comes with internalizingthe eight legs of yoga, particularly pratyahara, the fifth extremity, which necessitates a ensure of one’s own senses.

And for Hight, it seems clear that an effort to perfect pratyahara has helped her clear her thinker of all things that don’t subject, particularly in crucial moments. She pronounced,

What yoga educates is that when you come to your matting to practice the physical practice, you’re telling everything else go. So, you’re not are concerned about the bowls that you have to shower and the person that said something insulting to you or that kind of thing.

And I think that that concept, delivering that into play, is so important, especially for what we do. It’s such a high-risk sport.


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Practicing yoga broughta benefit to Hight’s everyday life that has helped her remedy one of her more relatable calibers: a lack of patience.

She acknowledges,

I’m a bit impatient.I’m canadian athletes, I like to like move further and going all the time and not waiting for people. I get excited about everything.[ But ], you know, it’s not ever like that.

You have to wait in line and get on aircrafts, that kind of happening, and I ponder only being able to be present and enjoy any moment has come from practicing that in yoga.

Getting Better

Hight made it clear why she continues to explore new boulevards in yoga. Her simple-minded rationalization?

I like to practice a lot of different kinds to impede me excited about yoga.

Now, the status of women who weighs red-hot yoga, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga among her favourites, is about to take the next step.

This summer, she’ll aim to become endorses, which will allowher to teach yoga. And, if yoga really has had as positive an impact on her life as she claims, Elena Hight is likely to become an even better contestant and being for it.

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