How to Watch the 2018 Winter Olympics Online

If you want to watch all of the Olympic competitions this year, you’re gonna require a lot of screens, and a lot of time off. The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and NBC is livestreaming just about every incident. From February 7-25, the network will broadcast 1,800 hours of live coverage( much of it online only ), which includes 15 major winter plays and 102 honours countries are vying to win.

Figure skating, curling, the skeleton … they’re all online this year, and likely airing in the middle of the night due to the time discrepancies between South Korea and the US.

But if you don’t have cable, it’s difficult to know how to watch everything. But we’re here to assistant. We’ll run you through all the ways to watch( with as numerous free roads as is practicable ), and we’ve included the following schedule of happenings and some lanes you can more readily follow the Olympics without find overwhelmed.

How to Stream the Olympics Online in 3 Steps

There is only one style to watch the Winter Olympics in the United States, and that’s through NBC, and unlike the Super Bowl they aren’t paying it away for free. Below is our step-by-step guide to signing up. Basically, you’re going to need a machine that’s compatible with an NBC app( or website ), sign on for a Live TV service, and then log in to watch live. Unless you have a cable subscription, of course. will give you 30 minutes in their first seminar and 5 additional minutes of streaming per day before. It’s not much, but if none of these other options work for you, at least it’s something.

Step 1: Pick a Device That Wields with the NBC Sports App

What devices, Tv chests, or devices do you have to watch the Olympics? Your preferred method of watching will be key to choosing which streaming service to use and how you watch the game.

The NBC Sports app is available on Android phones/ tablets and iPhone/ iPad for starters. If you want to log in on a mobile invention, but watch from a Tv, the $60 Chromecast Ultra is probably best because it will work with high-resolution 4K TVs as well( if you have one, or plan to buy one in the next few years ). The standard $35 Chromecast wreaks fine on standard HDTVs. Chromecast plugs into your TV and tells you stream from websites or apps directly to it. It makes delicately and with various categories of video apps.

If you want to watch instantly from a Tv, we recommend Roku. The $64 Roku Streaming Stick + is maybe your best bet, since will work on 4K TVs as well, should you own or buy one in the future. Roku has most every app you’ll need for the Olympics and beyond, with the best selection of apps around.

The NBC Sports app is also available on Amazon Fire TV designs, Apple Tv, the Windows 10 storage for PCs, some Samsung smart TVs, and Xbox One. PS4 owneds, you’re kinda out of fluke. You can subscribe to PlayStation Vue for live coverage, but the NBC app isn’t available, which means you’ll miss out on some coverage.( More info on that below .)

Step 2: Pick a Live TV Service and Use Its Free Trial

To access the NBC Sports app or NBCOlympics website, you need a Tv subscription. Any cable subscription will work, but cordcutters will need to subscribe to one of the newer internet-based live TV works. Since NBC is airing Winter Olympic phenomena everywhere it can, you’ll crave a provider that is available on your invention of alternative( insure: Step 1 above) and at least presents NBC, but preferrably these paths: NBC, CNBC, USA, the Olympic Channel, and NBC Sports Network. They all come with a free 5-7 era ordeal, so theoretically you could watch utilizing one for the first week, then switch to a second experiment the second week–assuming you’re hell bent on not paying a dime.

Sling TV ($ 25 )~ ATAGEND has the most affordable bundles with these paths, and is on a ton of devices. The $25 Sling TV Blue plan will give you NBC, NBC Sports Network, and USA. That subscription is good enough to got to get full better access to Olympics live streaming on the NBC site and Sports app, but if you want to watch everything on standard Tv channels add the $10 Sports Extra package to get the Olympic Channel and the$ 5 News Extra package for CNBC.

PlayStation Vue’s $45 Core strategy also includes all five channels, has a robust machine register, and is the way to lead if “youre using” a PS4. DirecTV Now’s $ 35 “Live a Little” project has every channel except the vital Olympic Channel. To get that, you’ll necessity the expensive $60 “Go Big” plan.

Finally, you can find every channel demo episodes except USA on YouTube TV ($ 35 )~ ATAGEND, Hulu Live TV ($ 40 )~ ATAGEND, and FuboTV ($ 45 )~ ATAGEND.

Which Olympic Sports Does Each Channel Have?

NBC has 176 hours of coverage: Opening Ceremony( Feb. 9 ), Medal Ceremonies, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Short Track, Ski Jumping, Snowboarding, Luge, Alpine Skiing, Speed Skating, Biathlon, Cross-Country, Nordic Combined, Skeleton, Bobsled, and Figure Skating Gala, Closing Ceremony( Feb. 25)

NBC Sports Network has 369 hours of coverage: Curling( Mixed Doubles, Men, Women ), Alpine Skiing, Luge, Cross-Country Skiing, Short Track, Ski Jumping, Snowboarding, Speed Skating, Biathlon, Figure Skating: Olympic Ice, Hockey( Men, Women ), Nordic Combined, Skeleton, Bobsled, and Figure Skating Gala

USA Network has 40.5 hours of hockey: Hockey( Men, Women)

CNBC has 46 hours of curling: Curling( Mixed Doubles, Women)

The Olympics Channel has 24/7 News Coverage: Succes Ceremonials, Olympic Channel News, and Winter Olympic Daily News

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