How To Use Your Birth Chart To Unlock Truths About Your Past Life

Few people know that astrology can tell you more than just what’s going on inthe present timing of your life. I consider the birth chart to be a navigate to an individual’s temperament, and when it’s used in that lane, you can find out literally all other aspects of the reasons why a person is the way they are. And yes, that includestheir past lives, if you’re into that.The part of the chart that interprets this is called the south node, and it’s typified by a Ushape, with two small circles on the ends. The house and signaling that the south node resides in is what tells you the themes of such person or persons past life.Once you get the hang of it, you can easilyuse your delivery chart to discover your past life.

To catch out your south node, all you need to do is look up your birth graph here. When you get your results, scroll down to the section with the header that speaks Asteroids& Chiron. You’ll see your south node at the lower end of that counter with the mansion listed next to it on the right.

Here’s what your south node sign is to say about your past life, and what your operation in this lifetime is meant to be based on your past lessons.

South Node in Aries

South node in Aries means you were a fighter, a survivor, a fighter. You have an innate ability to feel your fears and do it regardless, and your instincts tell you to fight through your life, to muscle your practice through situations without much appeal or mercy. Your objection in this lifetime is to achieve you goals while remaining balanced through stunning accommodations with others.

South Node in Taurus

The South Node in Taurus kinda means you were a hoarder in a past life, unfortunately. You cling to your substance belongings as if they could prevent you safe, or you cling to your way of doing things stubbornly, without cracking from tradition or the status quo. In past lives you were afraid of change, of the unknown, or of losing your traction on what you were used to.This lifetime challenges you to let go of anything you cannot limit. You will read to make a clean break-dance from anything you cling to too stubbornly.

South Node in Gemini

In your past lives, you were a free agent, loyal to no one but the pursuit of informationto serve your own curiosity. You were shallow in your relationships, flirtatious with everyone, a dilettante, unable to commit to simply one thing, even to one point of view.

In this lifetime you have incarnated with the purpose of gathering and possessing real insight, and to apply that knowledge and understanding in a real acces. Your past life gave you an ability to understand both sides of an dispute, but in this lifetime you will learn to commit to one.

South Node in Cancer

You may have been a homemaker in a past life, someone who wasted their day not going outside of their immediate curve of family and working pals. You have mastered the domestic arts, and have now incarnated to have a career and climb the ladder of success.

The key spiritual hypothesi of this lifetime for you is MATURITY in the world.You may feel as if you’re ever an adolescent, trying to become an adult with real responsibility.

South Node in Leo

South Node in Leo beings enjoyed certain kinds of glory or public worship in their past lives, adored by everyone around them and loving the sentiments of advantage that comes from being so favourite. In this lifetime, when the same admiration isn’t as freely given to them, they refuse to accept it.

You might also experience contempt for those who grovel at your feet, sick of the performance, or feel bitterness for those working with a lot of money and dominance, as it’s difficult for you to walk away from the game. When you accept that your spiritual determination in this life is to serve the community, to give back to the persons who payed to you, you’ll be much happier.

South Node in Virgo

Virgo regulates the process of transgressing acts down to their essential elements. Sometimes Virgo SN’s overdo this process, perceive trapped, and unable to move on to other conceptions and activities with ease.

They get stuck on the details and they can’t let go of the compulsion to be perfectionist, verifying every little thing until they weary themselves. This indicates a lack of trust in a higher power, and in this lifetime they are meant to let go of the details so that they can watch the perfection that is inherent in every comprehended mistake.

South Node in Libra

The South Node in Libra defines an undue attachment to others, to their endorsement and to the idea of partnership that holds them back from fully searching a unique fate. South Node Libras are caught in a hertz of codependency. Their past life consolation of being in a partnership often keeps them captured in relationships but inside they long for personal freedom. Togetherness no longer makes them feel good about themselves, but left alone makes them so unpleasant that they seek another relation immediately. They are meant to learn genuine independence in this lifetime.

South Node in Scorpio

South node in Scorpio is attached to abiding. They were damaging in their past lives, and the affection to agony and crisis depletions their vitality in this lifetime. This lifetime is in order to learn South Node in Scorpio beings that sustaining is not the only path for raise.

You can also grow by creating your life in expansive and joyful lanes. You do not need to remain tense or startled, they are able to loosen, calm down, and experience cultivating happiness in this lifetime.

South Node in Sagittarius

South Node in Sagittarius was a teacher, a seeker of knowledge in a past life, of spiritual fact and of inner treaty. The isolation that they are from can shape them unwilling to come out of their shell, to suffer the so-called shallower delight in life, the pleasure of small talk, of discovering new stuffs. These south node parties has to get over was of the view that they have nothing more to memorize.

Their know-it-all attitude keeps them from the sincere communication they crave with others, because they’re so busy talking that they no longer listen. This lifetime, for them, is about renouncing influence, pompous wise, shutting up and listening. Be an equal among equals , not a priest.

South Node in Capricorn

South Node in Capricorns were workaholics in a past life, people who strove to prove themselves in the workplace and in civilization by climbing the ladder to success in the best interests of providing tradition often for the approval of some imagined expert in their childhood.

Their life was about attempting money, prestige, fate, and “peoples lives” now are about returning to residence, whatever that means to them. The protection that can be gained through societal admiration can be too easily shook, and in this lifetime they are creating an unshakeable sense of security from their residence and family.

South Node in Aquarius

These someones expended their past lives as an friendles, as one who find, rather than participates in society. They were the type who didn’t vote but had spate of minds on how to change the system. You get it. This south node placement is for the elitist hippie, who in this lifetime is meant to embrace his/ her desire to finally be embraced by the people he/ she has aimed review toward for so long.

SN Aquarius often clings to the need to be different when what the hell is want most of all is to beincluded, to tone included, so they are unable made those keen remarks on human behavior to good use.

South Node in Pisces

South Node in Pisces means that this person spent their past life as either a seer, a mystic, or someone who invested too much of their time indulging in knowledge reforming medications, endeavouring linked with the spiritual realm. This kept them separated from their physical actuality, from making progress in their day-to-day lives.

In this lifetime, they are meant to take their gigantic spiritual understanding and creative muse and to constitute something out of it, to come out of their macrocosm of daydreams and procrastination to be of service to others and to themselves in their daily life.

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