How the outsiders prevailed — and the insiders disintegrated

( CNN) This narration was reported by Dana Bash, Gloria Borger, Abigail Crutchfield, Jeremy Diamond, Chris Frates, Noah Gray, Ashley Killough, Betsy Klein, Elizabeth Landers, Phil Mattingly, Dan Merica, Sara Murray, Mark Preston, Manu Raju, Gabe Ramirez, Maeve Reston, Lauren Selsky, Sunlen Serfaty, Cassie Spodak, Gregory Wallace, and Jeff Zeleny.

There was more than a clue of incongruity in Donald Trump’s win in New Hampshire Tuesday night.

In a state that has always been known for giving new political life to the hardest-working nominees, he wiped the field. He lapped his closest challenger, Ohio Governor John Kasich, by double toes, and he notched his first triumph in this presidential contest by acting more like a conventional candidate.

Trump’s victory speech was gracious and restricted with a long roll of thank yous for family members and campaign personnel. He acknowledged that he had learned the lesson in Iowa that the floor tournament things, and paid more attention to turning out his voters in New Hampshire. Most striking, he had nothing but compliments for his fellow rivals.

In fact, Trump had been a mere spectator in the biggest brawl of the week — the showdown between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio that recast the Republican race.

Entering New Hampshire after the Iowa caucuses last-place Monday, Rubio had been presidential candidates to pulsate, but Trump didn’t even touch him. It was Christiewho bulldozed Rubio, halting his impetu during Saturday night’s dialogue in a moment that could go down in record as one of the toughest exchanges of the GOP primary campaign.

Though on the sidelines, Trump highlighted the superpower of the moment during the course of its commercial burst as Christie marched across the stage to attend his wife. Person grabbed Christie’s arm from behind, and the New Jersey governor turned to see none other than the taunter-in-chief Donald Trump.

“Oh my God. That was harsh, ” Trump complained to Christie on the debate stagecoach, according to someone familiar with the exchange. “Tremendous.”

Perhaps biding out of the combat the coming week( with the exception of a obscene swipe at Ted Cruz on the eve of general elections) facilitated Donald Trump. He wiped a range of demographic and ideological groups, requesting to six-in-ten New Hampshire voters who said they were looking for an outside candidate.

The dominating wins in New Hampshire by two intruders Trump and Democratic winner Bernie Sanders reinforce the tremendous vulnerability of the creation in the 2016 presidential hasten. Insiders in both parties are struggling to find their position in a year when voters are fed up with the status quo. Democrat Hillary Clinton is looking toward the March tournaments as her firewall. John Kasich is trying to capitalize on his instant after clambering to second in New Hampshire. Jeb Bush is hoping to hang on by engineering a strong recital in South Carolina.Chris Christie has foreman home to assess his hazards amid indicates that he will soon end his offer, according to two beginnings. And Marco Rubio is trying to regroup after a demeaning win.

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