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Do you know what a carabiner is? What do the notes in BASE jumping stand for? And when did you last depart skydiving? Find out whether youre GoPro or go slow with our handy quiz

A sidekick asks if youd like to go for a motorcycle go at the weekend. Do you

Accept, but hint improving to a car go?

Accept and propose a neat leisurely 60 km?

Tell them how you built all four of your bikes until they remember that, actually, they already have programmes? What is a carabiner?

A crab-flavoured friendly.

Something it enables us to connect tethers and exploits.

Something “youre using” as a nosering. What would be a usual breakfast for you on a weekday?

A choc frost.

Half a wholemeal bagel with peanut butter.

Fourteen raw egg whites. Where are your metal pins?

In my rod cushion.

In my collarbone.

Hang on, Ill just go and get the x-rays How do you get to work every morning?

Segway, car, Segway, improve, Segway, promote, Segway, desk.

A quick triathlon.

Wingsuit. What did you do with young children during the summer vacations?

Cinema, Minecraft, board games, a little bit of everything actually.

Camping, swimming, Pokemon Go.

Left them naked in a forest with a knife. You agree to run a donation marathon with some of your colleagues. How do you prepare for the hasten?

Hire a bear dres, evidence it round the agency laugh, then compensate some kid to give it on and run in your lieu.

Controlled diet, 10 km daily control, to be built the distance as the hasten approaches.

Stockpile clean urine tests. What does the acronym Base jumping stand for?

Best Attempted by Someone Else

Building Antenna Span Earth

Bugger All Safety Equipment How often do “theres going” skydiving?

About as often as I depart snowboarding.

Most weekends.

Im skydiving right now. What do you use a GoPro for?

Oh, so many things, I lose counting. I dont know how I ever lived without whatever “its by”. Its a camera, right?

Recording mountain bike roads and learning other peoples technique.

So strangers can watch me virtually expiring on YouTube.

You get

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