Honolulu fire: three dead after inferno breaks out in high-rise building

About 100 firefighters tackle the incident at Marco Polo apartments, which did not have sprinklers, in the Hawaiian capital

At least three people were killed and 12 injured after a flame broke out in a high-rise apartment building in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Thick black smoke and ignites could be seen received from the Marco Polo house near Waikiki after the flame started on the 26 th flooring on Friday afternoon. The blaze swiftly spread two floors higher, sending junk, including glass, opening chassis and hunks of balconies to the street below.

We have a very tragic situation with three confirmed fatalities, said the citys mayor, Kirk Caldwell, as permissions told there could be more fatalities in a house that was not fitted with sprinklers.

The fire department afterwards spoke 12 parties were treated for injuries, and five were transported to infirmaries in serious position. On Saturday, the department enunciated most occupants would be able to return, but three floors would remain closed because of heavy smoke, ocean and fervour shatter.

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DEVELOPING: Departures underway at high-rise building in Honolulu after four-alarm flame explodes.( Video by Greg Walker .) pic.twitter.com/ 9Tf2uakhwc

July 15, 2017

One resident, Karen Hastings, was in her 31 st-floor Honolulu apartment when she reeked smoking. She flowed out to her balcony, looked down, and verified flares five floors below her. The fervor just blew up and disappeared operating right out the windows, the 71 -year-old enunciated. And that was like a fright movie. Except it wasnt a fright movie, it was for real.

Firefighters ran door-to-door to search for people who might have been caught in the inferno which started some time after 2pm, with the initial call to emergency services at 2.15 pm. The three dead were found on the 26 th storey of private buildings, which has 568 apartments.

Emergency service works said they took at least five people to infirmary. A number of other beings were treated at the panorama and refused to be taken to the hospital, fire officials pronounced. The fervor was brought under control by 6.30 pm, by a unit of 100 firefighters, the mayor said.

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60+ firefighters duelling a 5-alarm volley in a residential condo in Honolulu. #HIfire pic.twitter.com/ y3ouU9ttfv

July 15, 2017

The building was constructed in 1971, before the city inaugurated requiring sprinkler systems and mandating them for high-rises improved after 1974, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser newspaper said.

Coming weeks after ardour killed at least 80 parties in the Grenfell Tower fire in London, occupants said the ardor might not have spread thus far if the building had been fitted with sprinklers.

Dorothy, who has lived in the building since 1974, did: I wasnt that nervous when I was leaving because it looked like it was under control, but then when I experienced the flares was an increase and had spread to the ocean area, that realise me apprehensive. So Im preventing my fingers intersected that everything is ok in my apartment.

I think we should have sprinklers added. I dont make the burn would have come across to the other side if we had sprinklers.

We could see smoke billowing out already and the floor was scorched outside the stairwell, did Patrick Williamson, who lives on the 32 nd flooring with his two sons, aged 10 and 12. They evacuated when they reeked smoke.

I feel annoyed, concerned and a bit indignant, he articulated. For the flaming to get this out of self-restraint is a little suspicious. Either the fire department was belatedly with a view to responding or there was something going on in that unit. Either style one wonders what happened and I appear a little bit least secure living in the building.

Another resident, Delaney Spaulding, articulated: Theres a lot of elderly people in the building. There was a 78 year age-old that came down from the 27 th floor disoriented. She had no cell phone no shoes , no handbag, but I believe she came down the stairs. She was disoriented and all by herself until her family came for her.

Troy Yasuda, who lives in a building across the street, was giving liquid to those persons who evacuated. They were choking from the smoking, he said, adding that beings told him they evacuated through dark stairwells.

Police shouted through megaphones for people still inside to come down, Yasuda announced. He watched as parties were carried out.

One resident who declined to give his mention said he made it to security after clambering the stairs from the 29 th floor. The person said there was so much fume, he could hardly see.

Honolulu fire chief Manuel Neves said if there had been sprinklers, the volley would not have spread past the unit where it started.

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