Honolulu fire: At least 3 dead in high-rise; fears that inhabitants are trapped

At least three people croaked Friday in a volley in a high-rise apartment building in Honolulu and approvals horror some residents may be caught in encircling parts, fuel officials said.

Kirk Caldwell, the Honolulu mayor, said the building–which was built in 1971 — did not have a sprinkler system.

More than 100 firefighters responded to the multiple-alarm fire at the Marco Polo suites that started on the 26 th floor. The volley spread to at least the 27 th floor and various parts, pronounced Honolulu Fire Department spokesman Capt. David Jenkins.

Jenkins adds the number of fatalities are subject to change. He replies at least 12 parties have needed medical help.

Troy Yasuda, who lives in a structure across the street, was returning liquid to those persons who evacuated. “They were suffocating from the smoking, ” he added, adding that beings told him they evacuated through dark stairwells.

Police were screaming through megaphones for parties still inside was coming, Yasuda replied. He watched as parties were carried out.

“It’s been an orderly evacuation, ” added security guard Leonard Rosa, who was answering phones from the front foyer of the 31 -story building near Waikiki. Police and firefighters were going door-to-door, he said.

Firefighters were checking on reports that there were parties trapped in their gangs, Jenkins said.

Paramedics are accelerating emergency treatment with a triage locating inside the building, Shayne Enright told The Honolulu Star Advertiser. The newspaper described the panorama: Flares were lapping out from its construction and glass from the windows and opening chassis rained down on the field. Heavy pitch-black cigarette was visible from miles away.

Fourth-floor resident Aaron Dengler and his wife were helping their elderly neighbour get to an assist terminal the American Red Cross set up at a nearby common. “It doesn’t be used to help just stand and watch, ” he said.

About two hours after the ardour started it looked like ignites were get bigger and it looked like the glow was reaching the 28 th storey, Dengler articulated. “People are going various kinds of nervous now, ” he enunciated. “It’s worrisome.”

One resident who declined to give his epithet said he made it to safety after climbing the stairs from the 29 th flooring. The follower said there was so much cigarette, he could hardly see.

The 36 -story building just outside the sightseer mecca of Waikiki has 568 suite units.

The Associated Press contributed to this report