Funny Marriage Proposal Video Shows How We Ruin Everything With Social Media

Millennials simply love one thing more than ourselves: going likes on oursocial media uprights.( Which, is various kinds of the same situation as cherishing themselves , now that I think about it .)

If you, like, prevail, fortunes are, your newsfeed is currently spate with an absolute invasion of marriage engagement edicts and bridal defendant photo shoots.

Comedian John Crist took this concept on and releaseda phony marriage proposal video, called The Millennial Marriage Proposal, highlighting just how illogical ourdesire to create the eventual proposalhas become and how the pressure to what is happening IRL on social media takes away from the IRL magic of a moment.

Lets just say, for the couple in the video, crafting the perfect proposal is A TASK.

The amusing video is the beginning with a cameraman apparently hidden behind a tree, waiting for the proposal to begin.


As the groom-to-be goes down on one knee, his lover asks, Wait, you hired a photographer, right?

What happens next is two minutes of sheer jocularity, as the girlfriend tries relentlessly to get everything just right for the perfect shot.

She huntings for the chastise angle.


She tries urgently to getsweeping kill of the skyline.


She HAS to make surethe lighting is correct.


And she rethinks the slant about 50 more times.


Even though we all might recognize an engagement photo for what it( probably) is a is meant to garner an exceptional sum of social media likes, souls, shares and, consequently, egos raises and artificial validation we are continuing cant help but click that thumbs-up icon when we see it.

Why? Well, announce me a nostalgic, but deep down, I personally believe in true love and hope theoutrageously phony sunset in theperfectly filtered photo Im learning is a emblem of that pairs love , not an app.

Alas, as the saying runs, Do it for the gram!


Because yeah guys, tells all get hired to person we are to be able to expend every day with for the rest of “peoples lives” FOR THE GRAM 😛 TAGEND