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Red Lady of Huntingdon College

According to legend, the Red Lady was a sad student who attended Huntingdon college merely at her father’s insistence. Becoming increasingly withdrawn and her behaviour was increasingly erratic, she eventually garmented in all red-faced and lashed her own wrists, purposing her life.


The happy girl, abandoned by the one person she had believed to be her only friend, reportedly formed the practice of wandering into chambers where the other girls were gathering, but her proximity threw a chill upon the groups and they are able to soon find flimsy apologizes for leaving her alone. Then, with a sense of alienation from all mankind, she would return to her solitary sleeping quarters, where she would wrap herself in her red-faced bedspread and retired from the whole world.

Later, Martha’s behavior allegedly became even more strange: She would wait until the lighters were out, and then she would visit one dormitory after the other, never announcing a word but staring into seat as if she were in a trance. As hour elapsed, she took to walking up and down the foyers during the darkest hours of the night. Often she would frighten the girls by opening and closing their entrances, then hastening away to resume her piteous promenade. ( KEEP READING )


Robert Hansen

” Butcher Baker” was responsible for the deaths of at the least 17 women, and perhaps as many as 30. The more detailed information on his murders in this Wikipedia page are absolutely frightening πŸ˜› TAGEND


On June 13, 1983, 17 -year-old Cindy Paulson escaped from 44 -year-old Robert Hansen, while he attempted to loading her into his Piper Super Cub.She told police she had been offered $200 to play oral sex but that, when she got into the car, Hansen plucked a firearm on her and drove her to his home in Muldoon. There, he impounded her captive. ( KEEP READING )


The Thing

For miles, Interstate 10 in Arizona is lined with advertisements for” The Thing” a creepy fascination situated simply off depart 322.” The Thing” is some creepy-ass mummified being, surrounded by lore and legend.


The origin of The Thing was established by Syndicated columnist Stan Delaplane, who interviewed Janet Prince in 1956. Prince told him, “[ A] humankind find through here about six years ago. He had three of[ their own bodies] he got somewhere. He was selling them for $50.” Today, the attraction is operated by an Albuquerque-based fellowship, Bowlins, Inc ., which owns several roadside trading posts throughout the Southwest. ( KEEP READING )


Ronald Gene Simmons

Simmons was a serial murderer in Arkansas who killed 16 people in under a week many of these people were his own family and children. The descriptions of his felonies are rightfully sickening πŸ˜› TAGEND


Shortly before Christmas 1987, Simmons decided to kill all the members of his family. On the morning of December 22, he first killed his wife Rebecca and eldest son Gene by killing them with a. 22 -caliber pistol, and then killed his 3-year-old granddaughter Barbara by strangulation. Simmons dumped the bodies in the cesspit he had obligated “their childrens” shovel. Simmons then waited for his other children to return to the house, and after their advent he told them “hes having” presents for them, but wanted to give them one at a time. He first killed his daughter, 17 -year-old Loretta, whom Simmons strangled and held under the ocean in a rain barrel. The three other children, Eddy, Marianne, and Becky, were then killed in the same way. ( KEEP READING )


The Original Night Stalker( Never Caught )~ ATAGEND

In the 1970 s and 1980 s, there was a serial assassin who committed at least 50 abuses and 12 murders. He totally stumped police and is still assumed to be at-large today.


The Sacramento East Area Rapist is believed to have started as a prolific burglar, only later graduating to rape. His initial modus operandi was to stalk middle class places at night looking for women who lived in single-story dwellings, generally located close to local schools, creek, or other open space that rendered a quick escape. He was spotted on a number of opportunities, but sprinted away upon perception. ( KEEP READING )

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Denver International Airport( plot theories )~ ATAGEND

Tons of plot ideologies fleck the Denver Airport, that was supposedly constructed by numerous firms WAY over fund πŸ˜› TAGEND


There are several scheme possibilities relating to the airport’s intend and interpretation such as the runways being laid out in a influence same to a swastika. Murals coated in the baggage pretension arena ought to have claimed to contain themes referring to future armed oppression and a one-world government. However, the artist, Leo Tanguma, said the murals, designation” In Peace and Harmony With Nature” and” The Children of the World Dream of Peace ,” image man-made environmental destruction and genocide along with humanity grouped together to heal nature and live in conciliation. ( KEEP READING )


Travis( chimpanzee )~ ATAGEND

Travis was a chimpanzee who grew up with a human house. He was beloved by all, and very highly regarded. That is, until he started trying to rend people’s faces off…


On February 16, 2009, Travis attacked Sandra Herold’s 55 -year-old friend Charla Nash, foisting destroying hurts to her look and legs. Travis had left the house with Sandra Herold’s vehicle keys, and Nash came to help get the chimp back in the house; upon construing Nash accommodating one of his favorite playthings, Travis immediately assaulted her.Travis’ screechings can be heard in the merits of the videotape as Sandra pleads for police, who initially believed the call to be a deceive, until she started calling,” He’s eating her !” ( KEEP READING )


Albert Fish

Albert Fish was a sadistic and horrible serial murderer who savagely slaughtered and damaged hundreds of people.


Around 1910, while he was working in Wilmington, Delaware, Fish met a 19 -year-old man named Thomas Kedden. He took Kedden to where he was staying, and the two embarked a sadomasochistic affair; it is unclear whether or not Fish pressured Kedden to do these acts, but in his admission he implies that “the mens” was intellectually incapacitated. After ten days, Fish took Kedden to” an old-fashioned farm mansion”, where he began to torture him. The torment took place over two weeks. Fish eventually tied Kedden up and cut off half of his penis.” I shall never forget his screaming, or the review he gave me ,” Fish afterwards echoed. He originally intended to kill Kedden, cut up his form, and take it dwelling, but he feared the hot weather would draw attention to him. ( KEEP READING )


Disappearance of Ben McDaniel

Ben McDaniel became scuba diving the working day, and never came back. Despite multiple attempts to recover his body, it has never been find, and accusations straddle from suicide, assassination, to sheer carelessly of an amateur diver. The whole story with all its twistings and transforms is rightfully wild.


Cronin and fellow employee Eduardo Taran, on their way back from a dive themselves something they are usually did on Wednesdays after the store closed know Ben as he inaugurated pitching, with his illuminates on and wearing a helmet, suggesting he was venturing into the cave. Taran, who had suspected for some time that Ben was action the entrance open, went down to him and opened it, watching Ben go in and then returning to Cronin. No one is known to have looked him since. ( KEEP READING )


Georgia Guidestones

These ludicrous tombstones are called the” ten commandments of the Anti-Christ .” They stand over nineteen hoofs towering, and were built by a” small-minded group of loyal Americans” in 1980.


The Guidestones have become a subject of interest for conspiracy theoreticians. One of them, an activist referred Mark Dice, challenged that the Guidestones” be crushed into a million pieces, and then the rubble used for a building campaign”, claiming that the Guidestones are of” a deep Satanic parentage”, and that R. C. Christian belong to” aLuciferian secret culture” relating to such “ New World Order “. At the unveiling of the monument, a local executive proclaimed that he speculated the monument was ” for sunshine worshipers, for faith adore and for devil sacred “. ( KEEP READING )



Folklore in Hawaii

Source: via Pacific Worlds

All these myths are moderately damn creepy-crawly. The United States may have stolen restrain of Hawaii from the native rulers a very long time ago, some of them may have left the district with some spooky afflictions πŸ˜› TAGEND

According to Hawaiian legend, night marchers ( huakai po in Hawaiian) are souls of ancient fighters. They presumably wander large sections of the island series, and can be by groups of lamps. They can usually be found in areas that were once big battlefields( the Nuuanu Pali on the island of Oahu is one example .) Legend has it that if you ogle a nighttime marcher straight in the eye, you will be forced to walk among them for infinity. ( KEEP READING )


Ruby Ridge

Ruby Ridge was the website of a standoff between Randy Weaver’s family and federal agents. Weaver had ties to anti-government groups, but eventually “hes been”( mostly) found to not be responsible for the government’s siege of his property. The thing eventually expanded the “militia movement” that sought to claim objectivity from the government.


Randy Weaver, a former Iowa factory worker and U.S. Army fighting operator, moved with their own families to northern Idaho during the 1980 s in order to” home-school his children and escape what he and his wife Vicki saw as a demoralized world-wide .” Vicki, the religious leader of the family, believed that the apocalypse was imminent and believed her family would survive the cataclysm in a remote mountainous area. They bought 20 acres (8 ha) of land on Ruby Ridge in 1983 and embarked improving a compartment. ( KEEP READING )


Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion

On November 24 th, 1971 person managed to “take over” a television broadcast and breath this extremely odd video. Nobody has ever figured out the meaning of the meaning, or why the blaze it was done.


The show was interrupted by television static, after which the unidentified being wearing the Max Headroom mask and sunglasses appeared, mentioning WGN scholar Chuck Swirsky, whom he said he was ” better than”, going on to call Swirsky a” fricking Liberal “. The person started to grumble, holler and chuckle. He continued to chuckle and utter many random terms, including New Coke‘s advertise slogan” Catch the Wave” ( KEEP READING )


Murder of Sylvia Likens

Sylvia Likens had been left in the care ofthe Baniszewski family while her mothers traveled for drive. Her caregivers soon turned abusive, with baby Gertrude Baniszewski bothering her, trouncing her, and delivering sermons to her about her intrinsic slime. Before Sylvia’s mothers could render, she had been tortured to death.


When Likens became incontinent, Baniszewski locked her in the basement and inaugurated a bathing government to “cleanse” Likens, concerning dousing her with scalding ocean and chafing salt into the scorches. She was often kept naked and rarely fed. At experiences, Baniszewski and her twelve-year-old son John Jr. would do Likens dine her own feces, as well as urine and feces from the nappy of Gertrude Baniszewski’s one-year-old son.

On October 22, Baniszewski began to carve the words” I’m a prostitute and proud of it” upon Likens’ abdomenwith a heated needle. ( KEEP READING )


Johnny Gosch

On September 5th, 1982 Johnny Gosch vanished during the course of its regular newspaper direction. When neighbors inaugurated announcing his mothers, complaining about not having their morning papers, that’s when they recognise something went urgently incorrect. Over twenty years of scouring have relented no results.

Johnny’s mother, Noreen Gosch, has made a number of bizarre declarations in this case. She says that Johnny emerged from hiding to trip her in 1997 and that she found photos of Johnny on her doorstep in 2006.

His mother, Noreen Gosch, maintains that Johnny Gosch escaped from his captors and inspected her in 1997, but now dreads for his life and lives under an assumed identity. Gosch’s father, John, divorced from Noreen since 1993, has publicly stated that he was not sure whether or not such a visit actually came. Sovereignty have not pinpointed Gosch or strengthened Noreen Gosch’s account, and his fate continues to be the subject of speculation, conspiracy ideologies, and quarrel. ( KEEP READING )

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The Bloody Benders

They are seemed like it was gonna be America’s first serial murderers, but even if that isn’t technically the case, they remain one of the most freaky. The Benders were an entire kinfolk fitted with serial killers. They moved an Inn and General Store, where they often killed their guests and purchasers πŸ˜› TAGEND


It is conjectured that when a guest would stay at the Benders’ bed and breakfast tavern, the emcees would give the guest a fanny of honor at the counter which was orientation over atrap door that conducted into the cellar. With the victim’s back to the drapery Kate would distract the guest, while John Bender or his son would come from behind the curtain and impress the client on the right-hand side of the skull with a hammer.

The victim’s throat was then cut by one of the status of women to ensure his or her extinction. The mas was then discontinued through the trap door. Formerly in the cellar, the body would be deprived and later hidden somewhere on the belonging, often in the orchard. Although some of their victims had been quite wealthy, others had been carrying very little of value on them and it was suspected that the Benders had killed them simply for the sheer excite. ( KEEP READING )


Pope Lick Monster

The Pope-Lick Monster is some kind of goat-pig-human hybrid that is obsessed with luring humen to their deaths. This whole legend is kinda f* cked up…


According to some reports, the being expends either hypnosis [ 1 ] or expres impersonation to entice trespassers onto the trestle to assembled their extinction before an oncoming train.Other legends claim the ogre climb down from the trestle onto the roof of cars delivering beneath it. Yet other legends tell that it attacks its scapegoats with a blood-stained axe and that the extremely see of the character is so unsettling that the individuals who see it while marching across the high-pitched trestle are driven to leap off. ( KEEP READING )


Axeman of New Orleans

From 1918 to 1919 the towns of New Orleans was iced in panic of a crazy Axeman who quietly axed scapegoats to fatality. His only fascinate was in slaughter, as he never cheated any of his victims.


The Axeman was not caught or identified, and his violation rampage stopped as mysteriously as it had started. The murderer’s identity remains unknown to this day, although various possible distinguishings of varying plausibility have been proposed. On March 13, 1919, a letter alleging to be from the Axeman was published in newspapers saying that he fucking kill again at 15 minutes past midnight on the night of March 19, but would spare the dwellers of any situate where a jazz band was playing. That night all of New Orleans’ dance hall were filled to capability, and professional and amateur bands played jazz at defendants at the thousands of rooms around municipality. There were no assassinates that night. ( KEEP READING )


John Joubert( serial gunman )~ ATAGEND

An above norm student, Joubert eventually became consumed by sadistic partialities and a passion for slaying. His felonies were uniquely horrible.


From a very young age, Joubert embarked having increasingly murderous sadistic fictions. According to three psychiatric reports prepared in accordance with Joubert in 1984, his earliest sadistic fantasizes began at around the age of 6. These imaginations revolved around assassinating and cannibalizing a neighborhood girl who babysat him. To one analyst, he described having nothing personal against the girl, do with her as “just someone to kill.” ( KEEP READING )


Goatman( Maryland )~ ATAGEND

Many decades ago, an eccentric scientist was known for performing ruffling experimentations on goats. One daytime, a action backfiredonto him, and he is part and parcel humankind, character goat. Freaky stuff, really.


According to urban legend, the Goatman is an axe-wielding half-animal, half-man beast that was once a scientist who worked in the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. The narrative holds that he was experimenting on goats until one venture backfired, and he was mutated, becoming goat-like himself. He then began attacking automobiles with an axe, wandering the back roads of Beltsville, Maryland. ( KEEP READING )

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Lizzie Borden

On the morning of August 4th, 1892, Abby and Andrew Borden were killed in their home. When police examined the bloody stage, they raised daughter Lizzie Borden in for interrogating. While her floors were often self-contradictory and erratic, a trial by jury knew her not guilty of slaughter. The more detailed information on their own lives, and this case, are insanely disturbing.


Lizzie appeared at the inquest hearing on August 8. Lizzie’s behavior was erratic, and she often refused to answer a question even if the answer would be beneficial to her. She often contradicted herself, such as claiming to have been in the kitchen reading a magazine when her father arrived home, then claiming to have been in the dining room doing some ironing, and then claiming to have been coming down the stairs. She had also claimed to have removed her father’s boots and gave slippers on him despite police photos clearly demonstrating Andrew wearing his boots. ( KEEP READING )


Nain Rouge

Originating from overseas in Normandy, the crook is said to be either a champion of the city of Detroit, or a bringer of doom. Whichever he is, he remains ghostly AF.


Jane Dacy of East Elizabeth Street was at home performing errands one night in October of 1872 when she entered a dark chamber and ascertained what the Detroit Free Press called a phantom. However, the description of” blood-red sees, long teeth and clanging hoof” seems more akin to the famed Nain Rouge than a merely specter. The frighten of meeting the individual stimulated Dacy to faint and become bed-ridden.

Another woman claimed to have been attacked in 1884, and described the character as resembling,” a baboon with a horned pate … brilliant restless sees and a devilish ogle on its face .” Another attempt was indicated in 1964. ( KEEP READING )


Jacob Wetterling

11-year-old Jacob Wetterling was abducted in October 1989 while biking home from a convenience store. He and some sidekicks were attacked by an armed human, and while his acquaintances were allowed to run free, he was kidnapped by the man.

An investigation lasted over 27 years before Jacob’s murderer was found.


Danny Heinrich, who was wearing a stocking cap mask and was armed with an unloaded six-gun, came out of a driveway and told the sons to hurl their bicycles into a ditch and lie face down on the soil. He then requested each boy his age. Jacob’s brother was told to run toward a nearby wooded neighbourhood and not look back or else he would be shoot. Heinrich then demanded to sentiment the faces of the two continuing sons. He picked Jacob, and told his sidekick to run away and not look back otherwise he would shoot.This was the last time Jacob was ever seen alive. ( KEEP READING )


Redhead assassinations

A string of unsolved destroys from the 1970 s to the 1990 s involved a series of viciously slaughtered redheaded females. The perp is assumed to still be at-large today.


On 1 January 1985, another martyr was observed near Jellico, Tennessee, in Campbell County on interstate 75. Although her murder occurred three days before, presumably on December 30, 1984, she was already in an advanced territory of decomposition.Like the others, she used white and had short red mane, which was somewhat curly. She was likely between the ages of 17 and 25, although she may have been as old-time as 30 at the time she was murdered.The scapegoat was met clothed, with a brown pullover, a shirt and jeans. The Jane Doe had dark-green or hazel gazes, which could not be positively substantiated as a certain shade because of the state of their own bodies. The young lady too had freckles, various scars and burn marks on their own bodies and was two and a half to five months pregnant when slaughtered by an undisclosed technique. ( KEEP READING )


The Spooklight

A light has sporadically been realized over the hills in the small town of Hornet, Missouri for over one-hundred years. While it has never hurt anybody , no-one has ever been able to come up with an ironclad cause for it.


Aficionados say the best chances for spotting the light-footed arises after dark when parked on Oklahoma East 50 Road, four miles south of the three-state junction of Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma in Ottawa County, Oklahoma and looking to the west. You must sit very quietly. The light-footed has been considered to be in backyards of the area and has been discerned both near to and far from being sightseers. Its pigment is too not consistent: some eyewitness report a greenish radiance while others describe it as orange, ruby-red, yellowish, or even blue. It is almost always said to be in the shape of a ball, while some say it more resembles a camping lantern traveling got a couple of feet off the ground. ( KEEP READING )

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Nathaniel Bar-Jonah

This person is a assassin+ cannibal who started attempting to kill people at 7-years-old. Basically his whole Wikipedia page is creepy-crawly AF.


Bar-Jonah’s earliest those who are interested in the preference of human rights tissue can be traced to his childhood. Inaugurating at about persons under the age of six, he would pick at his scab until his skin was festering, then proceed to suck on the blood from the weave. His coaches at Webster Elementary School would call his mother numerous seasons to apprise her that her son’s habit was upsetting to the teachers and students.

When he was incarcerated in Montana State Prison, many of the guards saw him perform the same habit. One protector reported that once Bar-Jonah had the scab in his lip that he” seemed to be having sexuality .” ( KEEP READING )


Charles Starkweather

Charles Starkweather was a teenage serial gunman who slaughtered ten different beings within a week, and eleven beings within a period of two months. He was aided by his 14 -year-old girlfriend. Starkweather devoted his first slaughter after a store clerk refused to sell him a stuffed swine, something he said that opened his intellect to the limitless potential of slaying and crime.


On January 21, 1958, Starkweather went to Fugate’s[ his girlfriend] home.Fugate was not there, and after Fugate’s mother and stepfather, Velda and Marion Bartlett, told him to stay away, Starkweather killed them with his shotgun, then killed their two-year-old daughter Betty Jean by suffocating and stabbing her.After Fugate arrived, they disguise their own bodies behind the members of this house. They remained in the house until shortly before the police, notified by Fugate’s suspicious grandmother, arrived on January 27.

Starkweather and Fugate drove to the Bennet, Nebraska, farmhouse of seventy-year-old August Meyer, a family friend. Starkweather killed my husband with a shotgun explosion to the head.He also killed Meyer’s dog. ( KEEP READING )


Harvey’s Resort Hotel bombarding

One of the world’s most complicated and intricate projectiles ended up in this Nevada hotel. Parties were panicking, and for the right reasons the police didn’t know how to deactivate it. Hopefully , nobody figures out how to make a bomb this complex ever again…


The Harvey’s Resort Hotel bombarding took place on August 2627, 1980, when three followers planted a bomb containing 1,000 pounds( 450 kg) of dynamite at Harvey’s Resort Hotel( now “Harveys”) in Stateline, Nevada, United States. The mastermind behind the bomb, millionaire John Birges, was attempting to extort$ 3 million from the casino, claiming he had lost $750,000 gambling there.The bomb was cleverly built and virtually tamper-proof. ( KEEP READING )

New Hampshire

Disappearance of Maura Murray

Murray emailed her profs and work overseers in February of 2004 to tell them that she had to attend to a family disaster. But “there werent” pedigree emergency. Later her car was located abandoned on the side of the road, and Murray was never seen again πŸ˜› TAGEND

Some time after 7:00 pm, a Woodsville, New Hampshire, resident discovered a thunderous thrash outside of her live. Through her space she could see a auto up against the snowbank along Route 112, also known as Wild Ammonoosuc Road. The auto moment west on the eastbound back of the road. She telephoned the Grafton County Sheriff’s Department at 7:27 pm to report the accident.At about the same era another neighbor heard the car as well as somebody walking around the vehicle. She evidenced a third neighbour haul up alongside the vehicle. ( KEEP READING )

New Jersey

Shades of Death Road

The sheer quantity of different lores about this road is unbelievably creepy. Besides the usual array of hauntings, reported that polaroid photographs of a woman in distress on the side of the road turned up in the 1990 s. Just as police began to investigate the eerie happening, nonetheless, the photos vanished.


There are some legends pertaining a Native American spirit guide who supposedly takes the shape of a deer and seems at various moments along the road at night. If drivers realise him and do not slow down sufficiently enough to avoid a collision, they will soon get into a serious coincidence with a deer. ( KEEP READING )

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New Mexico

Roswell UFO incident

In 1947, unidentified objects fell from the sky to the sand in Roswell, New Mexico. A number of self-contradictory reports came from the governmental forces, and numerous skeptics doubted when the US Government eventually claimed the dust were a” condition ballon .” Some onlookers to the crash site claim to have interpreted non-human people, and the happening remains an extremely strange one in UFO lore.


Between 1978 and the early 1990 s, UFO investigates such as Stanton T. Friedman, William Moore, Karl T. Pflock, and the team of Kevin D. Randle and Donald R. Schmitt interviewed several hundred people who claimed to have had a connection with the events at Roswell in 1947. Hundreds of documents were obtained via Freedom of Information Act petitions, together with other documents such as Majestic 12 that were supposedly leaked by insiders. Their judgments were at least one immigrant spacecraft gate-crashed near Roswell, alien figures had been recovered, and both governments cover-up of the accident had has just taken place. ( KEEP READING )

New York

Long Island serial murderer

Over the last ten years, police have began to believe a New York serial killer who has been dumping people alongside Ocean Parkway. Many of his/ her scapegoats have been prostitutes who advertised their services on Craigslist. He remains at-large.


In December 2010, a police officer and his hound on a routine qualify utilization discovered the first person” the skeletal is still in a woman in a practically disintegrated burlap sack “. This discovery led to three more people being acquired two days later in the same sphere on the northern surface of the Ocean Parkway. Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer added ” Four mass found in the same point pretty much speaks for itself. It’s more than a co-occurrence. We could have a serial gunman .” ( KEEP READING )

North Carolina

Carroll A. Deering ( ship )~ ATAGEND

In 1921, this ship was observed run aground on shore. Even more strangely, nonetheless, the entire gang was get. The ship’s record, navigation equipment, and lifeboats were all missing as well. Nothing of the crew were ever found.


Paranormal Explanation: The departure of the ship’s gang has been cited by innumerable writers dealing with anomalous phenomena and the supernatural. Charles Fort, in his work Lo ! ( 1931 ), first mentioned this craft in a “mysterious” situation, and numerous subsequent chroniclers of sea whodunits have followed suit. Since this vessel voyaged in the area generally considered to be part of the so-called Bermuda Triangle, the fade-out of the gang has often been tied to this happening. ( KEEP READING )

North Dakota

Sophia Eberlein

For some reason, Sophia Eberlein’s new husband Jacob Bentz decided to beat her to fatality as she slept. He virtually got away with it, except Eberlein’s daughter saw the blood stains.


She marriage Hugo Eberlein, a well-known Harvey businessman, and had two daughters, Lillian and Alice. After Hugo’s death in 1928, Sophia married Bentz. One nighttime Bentz bludgeoned Sophia to demise while she slept. He did his best to clean up the scene of the crime and is seeking to represent Sophie’s death look like a car accident. ( KEEP READING )


Cleveland Torso Murderer

In the 1930 s, a serial killer loped rampant in Cleveland, Ohio, killing and inhumanity mutilating at least twelve victims. While this gunman never caught is almost assuredly all dead bad guys, the specific characteristics of his crimes are startling πŸ˜› TAGEND


The Torso Murderer ever beheaded and often dismembered his preys, sometimes too cutting the torso in half; in many cases the cause of extinction was the decapitation itself. Most of the male casualties were castrated, and some victims pictured evidence of substance management being applied to their bodies. Many of the victims were found after a considerable period of time following their extinctions, sometimes a year or more. This stimulated discovery nearly impossible, especially since the heads were often not learnt. ( KEEP READING )

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List of phantom municipalities in Oklahoma

Across Oklahoma, “theres” dozens of abandoned and empty cities. Just “ve been thinking about” moving through some small-time empty village gives me the shivers.


Ghost townships can include places in various states of dilapidation and abandonment. Some websites no longer have any detect of civilization and have reverted to grassland ground or empty battlegrounds. Other places are unpopulated but still have standing houses. Some locates may even have a sizable, though tiny population, but there are far fewer citizens than in its grander historic past. ( KEEP READING )


Black-eyed juveniles

Frequently reported in Oregon, amongst other positions, the Black-Eyed Kids are frightening creatures who resemble young children with black eye. There is a lot conversation whether these mortals are aliens or ghosts, but they are 100% frightening no matter what.


During one week in September 2014, the British tabloid Daily Star moved three sensationalistic front-page legends about alleged sightings of black-eyed progenies, connected to the sale of a supposedly recurred saloon in Staffordshire. The article claimed a” outrage rise in sightings around the world “. Alleged sightings are taken seriously by specter hunters, some of whom speculate black eyed babes to be extraterrestrials, vampires, or ghosts. ( KEEP READING )


Philadelphia Experiment

After World War II, multiple parties came forward to claim that they had been apart of trade secrets venture to do ships invisibleor warp through room/ epoch. While some of these rumors have been discredited the storey is fantastically eerie.


On January 13, 1955, Jessup received a note from a man who related himself as one” Carlos Allende .” In the character, Allende advised Jessup of the” Philadelphia Experiment ,” alluding to two inadequately sourced contemporary newspaper articles as proof. Allende immediately responded to Jessup’s call for study on the” Unified Field Theory ,” which he referred to as “UFT.” According to Allende, Einstein had developed the possibility, but had inhibited it, since human was not ready for it … ( KEEP READING )

Rhode Island

Oscar( therapy cat )~ ATAGEND

Oscar the feline lives in a Rhode Island nursing home where he is said to predict cases’ imminent demises. When a patient is near fatality, Oscar fondles up next to them and spends a lot of time with them.


After Oscar had been at Steere House for around six months, faculty noticed that Oscar often chose to nap next to residents who died within several hours of his arrival. It seemed to staff as if Oscar were trying to comfort and offer busines to people as they died.

After Oscar accurately prophesied 25 extinctions, personnel started announcing family members of inhabitants as soon as they found him sleeping next to someone in order to notify them and give them an opportunity to say goodbye before the impending death.As of January 2010, Oscar had accurately prophesied approximately 50 cases’ deaths. ( KEEP READING )

South Carolina

2016 clown sightings

2016 has been consumed by sightings of creepy-crawly clowns chasing children and besetting congestion. These sightings all started at a South Carolina apartment complex, where weird comics were said to be trying to pull children into the lumbers and an vacated cabin with candy and money.


On 18 September 2016, in State College, a comic was ascertained acting strangely at the parking lot of a YMCA early in the morning.In late September, reports was also pointed out that an individual garmented as an indignant clown was understood with a spear around the wooded places behind of Kistler Elementary School.A Reading High School student was jabbed and killed by someone in a clown disguise on September 25. ( KEEP READING )

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South Dakota

Henry Weston Smith

Smith lives in South Dakota during the course of its high levels of the gold rush in the area, and chose to minister to the people rather than sought for riches. One daylight, when walking out of city to contribute a sermon, he was murdered. His figure was are available on the side of the road by a traveler.


Unfortunately, Smith was slaughtered as he trod to Crook City, his form located alongside the road by a neighbourhood resident, the exact location no longer recollected. […] A possibility, nonetheless, held that he was murdered by a person or persons representing the saloons, brothels, casinos, and other’ vice lairs’ of Deadwood, who feared that his preaching would cut into their income. ( KEEP READING )


Bell Witch

The Bell Witch, often called ” Kate ,” was blamed

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