Here’s How Tall Peter From ‘The Bachelorette’ Is, If You Require Your Thirst Quenched

Not done slurping on the cool drinking of water that is Peter Krause from? Yeah, you, me, and everyoneelse, either. Kraus is arguably the most attractive character on the face of this planet, imagined when a bolt of lightning struck a piece of solid gold and delivered to this planet by way of Rachel Lindsay’s season. I know what you’re thinkinghow tall is Peter from?

Ladies. Gentlemen. Lend me your eyes, for Peter is exactly 6’3 of pure man and another twelve paws of pure angel, and his quiet forte and knowing demeanor know no limits.

How do I know he’s this towering? His bio on ABC told me so, but I also feel like I knew it somewhere late in my own heart.

Kraus is another physical trainer( duh) and simulation( BIGGER DUH) with just enough allure to appear human despite his obvious unearthly status. Still, you and I both know there’s no way this humanity is mortal. For illustration, took into account he has completed three, yes THREE, Ironman races. What’s an Ironman race, you might ask? Oh, just 2.4 miles of float, 112 miles of biking, followed by a extremely chill marathons flow of 26.2 miles. Parties, KEEP UP. HE IS A DEMIGOD.

Look, we’re not the only people indoctrinated by his attractivenes. Rachel has continued Krausaround, despite his manyattempts at letting her know he’s merely not sure if he’s ready for an commitment.( Reminder: A spouse is Rach’s number one priority .)

Still, what’s she gonna do,? That doesn’t make any sense.

Let’s just hypothetically talk this through and respond she doesn’t finish up choosing Peter, the world is primed and ready to have him be our next .

Because a macrocosm without Peter on my video is not a macrocosm we want to live in.

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