Helicopters bring stranded cable car fares to safe

An EC-1 35 helicopter going to save fares caught in stalled cable cars in Mont Blanc .

On Friday morning, 33 parties were rescued after being caught overnight in cable cars 3,800 meters above the Mont Blanc glaciers in the French Alps.

After the Panoramic Mont Blanc cable cars came to an sudden halt on Thursday, French and Italian recovery helicopters were called to aid the 110 beings trapped due to jammed cables.

According to The Associated Press, 65 fares were face-lift out of the cars one by one and another 12 were rescued eventually in the evening by mountain steers who applied climbing lines to carry fares to the ground.

Due to good weather conditions and twilight, approvals shelved the helicopter recovery until the next morning, leaving the remaining 33 fares suspended in the cable cars overnight with five saviors providing them with blankets, nutrient and water.

An EC-1 35 helicopter going to recovery passengers caught in stalled cable cars in Mont Blanc.

Image: luca bruno/ AP photo

Three cable cars in Mont Blanc dangling after get stuck on Thursday.

Image: Luca Bruno/ ap photo

“They didn’t get a lot of sleep, ” Eric Fournier, the mayor of Chamonix, Mont Blanc, replied. “It was a strange event, but they were heated under coverings and with their families.”

When morning came, and once the twisted cables were straightened out, the rescue duty resumed. The automobiles successfully accompanied all passengers to safety on ground.

Three cable cars in Mont Blanc dangling after get stuck on Thursday.


Passengers from the stalled cable cars standing with police officers after being rescued.

Image: jEAN-PIERRE CLATOT/ AFP/ Getty Images

“The extent of this recovery running is simply unbelievable, ” pronounced Col. Frederic Labrunye , commander of the county gendarmerie group of Haute-Savoie. “By the volume of people to rescue – we rarely rescue 110 beings at the same time in high mountain – and by the environment in which it happens, in the heart of one of the most significant glaciers in Europe, over great distances of five kilometers of cable with 36 cabins.”

The Associated Press contributed reporting .

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