Gunman Tried to Kill YouTube Stars While They Secrete in Closet

Before driving 11 hours to break into a far-famed YouTube couple’s home, Christopher Giles realized mentions about one of the YouTubers, police respond.

” I miss Gavin Free to die alone, with no offsprings ,” he allegedly wrote.

Giles, 23, is accused of breaking into the Austin, Texas, mansion of Free and Megan Turney on Jan. 26. Armed with a grease-gun, Giles supposedly scoured the house for the couple, who secrete in a closet and called 911. Researchers claim Giles was there to kill, but Giles was the only one to wind up dead.

Giles was ” an avid actor of video games and was known for watching YouTube videos “thats been” centered on his pastime ,” according to an declaration gaining access to Giles’ hometown newspaper, the Albuquerque Journal .

The hobby extended him to Turney, a popular YouTuber who posts about video games and anime, where she has more than 300,000 followers. One of the few Facebook pages he liked was that of Rooster Teeth, a video game-centric production companionship where Turney is a former on-screen personality.

Giles” developed a fondness of Turney ,” according to the affidavit, which references tones researchers found on Giles’ telephone. He had no such fondness for Turney’s boyfriend, Free, who is best known for his YouTube canal the Slow Mo Guys, where he and a pal have amassed more than 10 million partisans for the slow-motion videos.

Giles” resented Free for his lifestyle and success ,” the affidavit says. In one note on his telephone, Giles allegedly spelled out his death wish for the far-famed YouTuber.” I miss Gavin Free to die alone, with no juveniles ,” Giles reportedly wrote.

In the working day before the home invasion, Giles was ” single, lonely and disturbed ,” a detective was indicated in a search warrant for his home. He likewise had a record of cleans with the law, beginning with a vehicle citation in 2014, tribunal enters evidence. In October 2015, he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. The next year, he pleaded no contest to marijuana and drug paraphernalia charges.

But in January 2018, Giles plotted a serious crime, investigates allege.

” Based upon the known situations or investigate determines, your affiant is led to believe that prove related to the scheduled crime and homicides of Megan Turney and Gavin Free will be found ,” a detective wrote in the affidavit.

” Single, lonely and disturbed .”
— Detective on Giles

Turney and Free live in Austin, Texas, nearly 11 hours from the Rio Rancho, New Mexico, residence where Giles lived alone. After driving the entire practice, Giles arrived at the residence around 3:40 a.m. on Jan. 26.

That’s when Turney and Free discovered gunshots and shattering glass. Then they discover someone enroll the members of this house through the back entrance. They discovered gunfire inside the home and hid in a closet while they called 911.

Gun in hand, Giles allegedly prowled the house the house looking for the couple. Based on surveillance footage,” it was apparent that Giles’ sole purport was to cause harm to someone who resides there ,” a search warrant said.

He eventually gave up and left, clambering back into his automobile. But as Giles was pulling from Turney and Free’s driveway, police arrived. They ordered him out of the car. Instead, police reply, they sounded him shoot a single fire inside the vehicle. One man fired on the car. When they opened approached the car again, Giles was dead.

Medical examiners are still working to determine whether the police officer gave the lethal fire or if it was self-inflicted.

On social media, Giles’ would-be victims minimise the incident.

” I just wanted to say thanks for all the subsistence and headache regarding the recent happen ,” Free tweeted on Monday.” It’s been a rough time for Meg and myself the last few weeks but we are doing ok .”

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