Great White Attacks Kitesurfer cameraman – South Africa

Great White Shark attack while filming kitesurfer in water. Due to the 1000’s of naive remarks made, we have disabled comments. Now simply enjoy the motion picture and compose your very own mind.

Flying kites is originally a child’s past time. However that does no stop the adults from continuing to enjoy them. Kites have become a past time for people of all ages. It was a matter of time that adults find a way to diversify the activity. With our unending quest for thrills and extreme sports, people are finding more ways to create something exciting by combining different ideas. Combining the propulsive power of the kite and a surfboard, you have kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing is a fairly new sport but it is gaining interest from thrill seekers. Everyday people are always finding something new to give them a break out of the routine of everyday living. It involves the use of power kites to pull a rider on the water with a small surfboard or kiteboard.

Something radical out of something simple

Flying kites is a passive safe game. However if you use for other purposes it can be exciting. The use of kites for propulsion originated from the Chinese. In the 1800’s kite was used to propel ships and carts with the use of a 4 line control system. The main purpose in that time was to substitute kitepower for horsepower due to the horse tax.

In the 70’s Kevlar and Spectra flying kites were made, making them more controllable and efficient with more kite traction. In the 80’s kites were combined with now snow skis, roller skates, canoes ice skates and water skis.

The development of kitesurfing continued as better designs emerged. In November of 1984 the first inflatable design was patented. Since then, it has used by many companies to make their own products. In 1997 the “Wipika” kite design was developed and sold.

It had preformed inflatable tubes and the simple bridle system that helped in re-launching in the water. In 1997 kiteboards were developed and replaced the skis. By 1999 kitesurfing turned into a mainstream sport. The first competition took place in Maui in September of 1998. Schools teaching kitesurfing has also emerged.

Kitesurfing can be learned through kitesurfing schools. These schools provide courses and lessons to teach students all the skill they need for kitesurfing. This includes, flying, kite launching, landing, how to use the bar, including lines and safety devices. Eager students should take lessons from certified kite surfing instructors because the equipments can easily be misunderstood.

It may look easy from the shore but there are a number of considerations to think of such as kite set up, size and type. Students should also learn the proper way of operating and maintaining the power kite.

After the students have learned the techniques in kite flying they must now learn bodydragging. The power kite is flown and the students are dragged through the water. The method is pretty much similar to body surfing but with an upward lift instead of a being pulled forward. Kitesurfing gear can cost from $1000 to $3000. Apart from the standard equipment you may need to buy a life vest, gloves, booties, hood, wetsuit and different kites for varying conditions.

Kitesurfing can be dangerous so it is restricted to some locations for safety reasons. Fortunately there are sites wherein you can go kitesurfing. Just make sure that before you get in the water you have proper equipment and be sure to follow safety regulations.

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25 Responses to Great White Attacks Kitesurfer cameraman – South Africa

  1. TheFishMan

    I know that shark, this didn’t happen.

    • Maxx Bifacial McGerk

      I think it was settled out of court.

  2. Max Williams

    Why do people bother with this?


  3. John Smith

    This is fake, the footage switches over at about 14.5 seconds in

  4. Copenhagen Rebel

    That’s why u don’t were black

    • cameron smith


    • cameron smith

      And most wetsuits are black soooo

    • jescollo

      youre so cool cameron. i get that you think it makes you look smart and
      superior when you correct people on YT so if youre gonna do it can you do
      it on a laptop while running full speed head on with a train? everyone will
      be better off

  5. Explorer Mike

    I’m calling bullshit on this one. Not only for the video, but for the gobs
    of advertising they used to clog up the screen. Clowns.

    • Jaycee

      Uh what advertising was in that article? All I saw was a shark video and someone explaining details and information about kiteboarding..


    Blood coming from top of water… nice try dummy

  7. Sabine Karpf

    Auch wenn es fake ist, wäre jeder selbst dran schuld ! Wer geht auch an der
    Südafrikanischen Küste Kite surfen ?! Da ist nun mal eine der grössten Hai
    Populationen der Erde und diese weissen Haie sind auf Robben spezialisiert.
    Wenn man sich nun die grösse der Kite Bretter anschaut und dazu die
    schnelle Beweglichkeit miteinberechnet, kann es doch wirklich nicht
    verwundern, wenn ein Hai mal probiert ! Also echt !😕

  8. GoMiGman

    Seems like a lot of people are using that same fake footage from that
    attention getting delinquent from Australia who cliff jumped and then
    suddenly was fighting a Discovery Channel shark footage lmao.

  9. Nick C

    Screw you. fake.

  10. MoonWalker

    The horrible editing is real, unlike the video.

  11. You Are The Creator

    Fake, download and view frames in editor if you need to

  12. tlllau

    Fake, the blood looked like 3 teaspoons of ketchup drooped in the water.

  13. J Olender

    ahh; dinner was trying to escape, so how did that work out? Not well by the
    apparent blood in the water. So much easier to attack the slow moving sea
    lion, than the sea lion running for it’s life.

  14. Paully 4Sho


  15. David gregson

    I feel bad for anyone who believes this is even a remotely real attack.
    Blood doesn’t drop down into water from the surface of the water, the only
    thing real was the editing

  16. dmadma4

    gay and fish…..the gayest of the gayfish

  17. tubesockets120v

    Real or not video quality is lame

  18. Adam Smith

    why are there so many idiots copying each others pathetic attempts at fake
    shark attacks?

  19. Henry waltham


  20. Franklin


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