GoPro: Wingsuit Flight Through 2 Meter Cave – Uli Emanuele

Uli Emanuele pilots what is perhaps one of the most technical and also hard BASE dive ever. For the past 3 years Uli has actually been dreaming around and preparing for exactly what could be a globe document jump. With just his wingsuit and treking poles, he climbs to his leave point and also understands there is no reversing.

Rock Climbing To An Extreme Base Jump

Free rock climbing is usually considered an extreme sport, because you are climbing a mountain without any safety harnesses, and if you fall you can be seriously injured or killed. If you combine this with extreme BASE jumping, then you might be one of the most extreme people to walk the earth. As insane as these things sound, there are actually quite a few people that do this very thing. However you should not try this at home. The people that perform these tremendous feats are trained professionals with many years of experience.

Free rock climbing is a sport that pits a person against a mountain or other rock face. These people do not use any safety equipment or any other rock climbing tools to help them ascend to the top. Usually the only thing that these rock climbers take with them is some chalk to allow their hands to grip the rock surface better. Some of the best of these climbers can climb walls that actually go upside down. I am amazed at the abilities that these rock climbers possess. The rock climbing techniques that they have learned over the years are amazing. These free rock climbers are very interesting, but there is a very small group of these guys that also BASE jump once they have reached the apex of their climb.

These BASE jumpers will free climb up to a cliff and then enjoy the scenery for a short time before they jump off and float to the bottom. Many people call these people extreme adrenaline junkies, and they are probably right, but I still am amazed at what they can do. To me the most beautiful thing about what these people do is challenge nature with very little manmade equipment to give them an edge. They walk up to a cliff and then fight their way to the top, just to jump off and reach the bottom within a minute or so. It might sound like a complete waste of time, but I am sure they feel completely free when they can climb a mountain and then fly off of it like a bird back to the ground. One of these days I would love to have the opportunity to give something like this a try.


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55 Responses to GoPro: Wingsuit Flight Through 2 Meter Cave – Uli Emanuele

  1. a_n_i_m_a_l xox

    here from 50/50

    • JGman 9

      haha me too

    • Oskar POHTO


    • Urho Toivonen

      +Oskar POHTO same

  2. Santiago Silva


    • kamikaze234 ?

      se murio?

    • Santiago Silva

      +kamikaze234 ? sim

    • kamikaze234 ?

      +Santiago Silva joder, la verdad esque arriesgando tanto continuamente no
      me sorprende

    • juri



    where is the crash footage

    • peter Buchan

      how sick are you?!

    • Who Cares

      why sick? that’s a legit question people should know what the consequence
      could be.

  4. AntipodeanStar

    Uli was no hero, and he was not worthy of respect. He was an exhibitionist
    who threw away his life for 2 minutes and 43 seconds of your attention, and
    that’s just plain sad. Uli committed suicide and that’s the cold brutal
    reality folks. He played a deadly game of Russian roulette until his number
    came up, and now he’s dead. In a few months you will have forgotten all
    about Uli because it’s inevitable that the next idiot will come along and
    take his place, who will think up something even more deadly for 2 minutes
    and 43 seconds of your attention. Real heroes don’t need to be told that
    they are heroes. They give their lives to others, and they don’t seek out
    glory and self aggrandisement when they do.

    • forfengeligfaen

      +King Without A Crown I wonder what Nietzsche would say about this?

    • King Without A Crown

      +forfengeligfaen “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane
      by those who could not hear the music.”
      Everyone can interpret this the way he wants, it depends what someone
      believes that “music” is 😉

    • Bulgaria Ball

      It’s a hobby man calm down. He did what he wanted to and he died doing it.

    • Alberto Garello

      King Without A Crown

    • Ibiwild

      @sixbells99 spot on, bulls-eye, touch down what else to say
      RIP Uli, you’re missed <3

  5. Hermann Bergstein

    R.I.P the man had more fun in his short life then some 90 year old folks.

    • Thomas Hertle

      R.I.P but im sorry to say i prefer the 90 years!

    • marcogoit

      right! even if recording all those 90 years with Gopro will be a little

    • Enclave Trooper

      It’s better to live two days as a tiger than two hundred years as a mule.

    • marcogoit

      +Enclave Trooper sure. But this saying is always said by mules because no
      tigers are stile living to confirm that

    • Michaël de Marliave

      +marcogoit best answer I’ve seen for this 🙂

  6. The Scandinavian Gaming Channel

    1:54 Name of music?

    • MostOnline

      Im curious too!

    • Michel Carvalho

      the 13th brotherhood – The next Chapter

    • MostOnline

      You are a legend! Thanks alot dude!!

    • The Scandinavian Gaming Channel

      +Michel Carvalho
      Thank you!

  7. Buffy McMuffin

    why do skydivers wear helmets?

    • Alberto Garello

      Hey man keep calm

    • Just Petrusion

      +Alberto Garello you think I am mad because I use “bad words”? Nah, this is
      how I talk normally.

    • Alberto Garello

      This extreme sport is dangerous yes, but all is dangerous not?

  8. Darth Green

    Human pterodactyl.

    • King Without A Crown

      +Darth Green Rather dead man flying.

    • Darth Green

      +King Without A Crown Extinct man flying since he’s a pterodactyl.

  9. Bjorn Anarchy

    Wait why are people saying he hit the rocks and died he clearly went
    straight through no problem

    • Avalen

      He died on another jump recently.

  10. Hanna Anne

    May I know why he died?

    • Max Haufe

      Hanna Anne he just hit the rocks, about the same location. It was in August
      if I remember right. I think he got into an unstable position and then just
      got thrown against the rocks. The other man who jumped with him also died.

  11. Steven

    Who’s here cause of Speedy

    • jelle brekelmans

      stevenson duarte im here o/

    • War Ghost

      LMAO ME

    • War Ghost

      surprised I saw this

    • B Doge Of War

      Steven me

  12. Qopiq q

    I was sent by speedy, give him a sponsorship gopro!

    • ESPN Jeds

      Qopiq q he dead now

  13. Fabio Palvelli

    This guy is flat out of his freaking mind! Cool tho! :D

    • GeorgeClooney Is A Myth?

      Fabio Palvelli he’s dead now.

  14. BastanVideos

    I would probably got a heart attack, if i tried this

  15. Avalen

    That guy’s dead now.

  16. Marianne Miettinen


  17. Andy Lee

    I’m here because of Steep.

  18. Michael Gillette

    can fat people go wingsuiting? like 300 to 400 pounders?

  19. Malc180s

    It’s a stupid “sport” for lost souls who think their lives are meaningless
    unless they’re somehow pushing the envelope. In reality they’re depressed,
    miserable people. This is just stupid.

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