GoPro: Helicopter Skydive

Patrick Remington and friends take a brief helicopter flight over Pensacola, Florida after that hang off the copter for a moment before skydiving to Navarre Beach.

The Skydiving History

Skydiving is a well loved sport, especially for the
extreme goers out there. However, it may seem that
skydiving is something new as a sport, but in reality,
it has a very rich and colourful history that can be
very interesting to know, whether you are a fan of the
sport or simply curious about it.

Milestones And More

Although most of skydiving milestones happened during
the 20th century, its history actually goes back
further more. Originally, parachuting started around
the 1100s in China, which is about a thousand years
ago. Although there were no airplanes during that
time, people would find natural formations in which
they can leap off and float safely towards the ground
below. Additionally, Da Vinci actually made a design
that shows a wooden frame parachute that has a pyramid
shape. This is just one of the proofs that parachuting
is actually way older than most people think.

Skydiving Sport History

If you’ll be talking about the sport of skydiving,
this matter would have a much recent history in the
making. The very first person who did this daring act
was Jacques Garnerin. He didn’t jump from an airplane
though. What he did was jump off from balloons, around
late 18th century. He also performed fanciful displays
when he did so. After he executed his jumps, he would
then make use of a parachute to have a safe landing.

When Women Came In

Women had a part in skydiving history too. However, it
was not until the 19th century that they started
having participation in the sport. One of the most
famous women in skydiving history is Kathe Paulus. She
parachuted in Germany during the end of the 19th
century and became very well known for this skill of

Airplane Generation

Ever since the airplane was invented, the skydiving
history became even more colourful than ever. Indeed,
it took a great leap of faith, literally and
metaphorically! With the evolution of the airplane,
the more did skydiving evolved and became even more
daring. Now, daredevils had the opportunity to
parachute from a fast-moving mechanical device, which
caused even more spectacular and breathtaking
skydiving routines.

The first woman to ever jump off from an airplane is
Tiny Broadwick. She did this daring stunt back in
1913. Additionally, she is also the first woman to do
a free fall jump from an airplane, which she did in

Skydiving: It’s Official!

One interesting fact about skydiving is that it wasn’t
called skydiving before. The term skydiving was only
coined in the mid-1950’s and used for Raymond Young.
This was the first time when it was actually declared
as skydiving. Before it was termed as such,
skydiving” was simply called as “parachuting” by

From Novelty To Sport

Before, skydiving was considered to be more of a
novelty act than a sport. It was only during the
period after World War II that this art became an
actual sport that a lot of people could engage in,
just like basketball. This transition was due to the
fact that skydiving and parachuting was commonly done
as a tactical move by many countries throughout the

In fact, pilots during World War I were even told to
crash their planes into enemy territory rather than
bailing out and were just given parachutes for
survival. Ever since the 1st successful bailout in
1922 of an airplane, parachuting became a popular
method of bailing out for pilots.

After the Second World War, it became a mainstream
hobby for many. This is because the soldiers who came
back enjoyed this activity and even have the courage
to do a freefall. They held some competitions which
then became a popular sport for civilians too. It was
in 1957 that the first skydiving schools appeared and
up until now, more people are having the courage to
face this extreme sport.

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45 Responses to GoPro: Helicopter Skydive

  1. Santos Studios

    Real Life: activates parachute 1000 feet before ground
    Gta: opens parachute 10 feet before ground

    • Mech tech dronE

      so true

    • だれも

      I tried to deploy at 10 feet once and died

    • Nicolai Gonzalez

      SG Sync lol

  2. Eethan O'Connell

    Well Gopro, you finally convinced me. Convinced me that I don’t need a
    Gopro. I don’t skydive, paraglide, snowboard, kayak down raging rivers,
    skateboard, surf, or any “extreme” sports…
    I’ll just stick with my regular camera, thanks.

    • David Garcia

      I agree I don’t need a GoPro if I can’t afford skydive or cool activities!

    • The Diamond Tree films // tone does it \

      omg it’s jesus

    • Grzegorz Chodór

      Eethan O’Connell łat

    • Grzegorz Chodór

      Eethan O’Connell łat

    • Hi It's Me

      Grzegorz Chodór If you don’t do extreme sports that means you’re fat?
      Where’s the logic?

  3. imaginarybrain

    So what happened to the chick? She never landed. Is she still up there?

    • Van Hoang Thi

      imaginarybrain bai hát con heo đạt

    • imaginarybrain

      Thanks singing pigs reach?

    • TheGamingBeast 915

      LEGEND HAS IT… she landed

  4. googleisshittoss

    I think i’d rather vote remain (in the helicopter!)

    • robert100xx

      No No No….EXIT =)

    • Tom Job


  5. Success begins with you

    1200 people are either scared of heights or sharks lol

  6. Satan's Loaf

    I could never do skydiving, im too much a wimp.

    • Satan's Loaf

      +CeeJay If at first you don’t succeed at skydiving, you practically die 0-0

    • Satan's Loaf

      +CeeJay I know i was just referring to it XD
      I got the joke, i gotta say that was a good one, and thing is, how can you
      know exactly if i’m american or not? I can be anyone of any race with
      access to internet and a browser, Well…I am American, but you just got
      lucky XD

    • Satan's Loaf

      +CeeJay DId you now?

  7. GoopocalypseRBLX

    Thats one way to enter a beach

  8. Anderson Reis

    In a few days I will feel this emotion haha

    • Fatman

      Rest in Pieces Anderson.

    • Anderson Reis

      Eu não morri, eu tava brincando kkkkkkk então para pular desta maneira eu
      teria que primeiro tomar aulas no simulador, então eu só iria saltar com um
      guia, de acordo com o meu desenvolvimento, eu iria saltar com o pára-quedas
      sozinho, só então seria Possível para mim fazer Esta loucura.
      I did not die, I was joking kkkkkkk so to jump this way I would have to
      first take classes in the simulator, so I would only jump with a guide,
      according to my development, I would jump with the parachute alone, only
      then It would be possible for me to do this madness.

    • Fatman

      I would only think about doing a fixed line jump like soldiers do out of
      the transport planes. Never skydive.

    • Anderson Reis

      This is scolded… Fatman kkkkk

    • Anderson Reis

      Quem não iria querer fazer isto! Who would not want to do that, Fat…
      hehehe That’s very crazy kkkk

  9. Ruru liean

    seems so fun! skydived once.. that’s it for me though… but this sure
    looks fun!

  10. he da wizard

    im on land and i feel like im right there falling

  11. Cool Gamer -intro kurėjas Road To 100Subs

    If you got Money your life is CRAZYYYYYYYYY!!!

  12. Olly Lockyer

    This is insane, I love it how they are wearing normal clothes. Sick video!!

  13. Leandro Rossa

    Contra 3.

  14. Yuned Gh


  15. Charles Elliott

    Did you know it’s the law in some states for female skydivers to wear
    panties? Yup, that’s a fact…because they’ll whistle on the way down if
    they don’t.

  16. Sarah Charpentier

    to let go must be scary!

    • Rant Gant

      To step outside of the *Helicopter* at that height must be scary!

    • bunchofdumbsits youallare

      By the time you reach the point of being allowed to jump out of a
      helicopter, you’re way more excited then you are scared or nervous.

    • Rant Gant

      +bunchofdumbsits youallare

      You don’t speak for the majority of the population. Just the height alone
      would be frightening enough for a person who is not an adrenaline junkie to

  17. ButtersandFry

    That heli-copter was so small it would have cut my head of if I went into

  18. Andra Fyfe

    For my 13th B-Day I wanna go skydiving! cause I concurred fear of heights
    finally!And plus there is so much to do and see that some people will never
    try and they will regret!I think that if you try it once sure it wall be
    scary I will scream for the first bit but it will be an amazing
    experience!And then you would wanna do it over and over again!Ima be a risk
    taker!I know it sounds kinda stupid but Ima get off my couch and get a

    • Andra Fyfe


    • eltianoo225

      Andra Fyfe you cant go skydiving at 13 yrs old

  19. John Patrick

    Check out my amateur gopro vids :)

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