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Image caption Firefighters in Oxford were called to the park behind the Angel and Greyhound Meadow pub, near student flats

A man had an “extremely lucky” escape after impaling his buttocks on fences around a saloon preceding onto a meadow.

The injury occurred when the 41 -year-old left the Angel and Greyhound Meadow by climbing over a park door protected by the wrought-iron spiked railings.

The fire service said after “losing his footing” one of the spikes “penetrated him in the buttocks” on Monday evening.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said the spike “missed all his major blood vessels and organs”.

Firefighters use hydraulic paraphernalium to slash the railings in St Clement’s Street, Oxford, where he was treated by paramedics.

Station manager Brian Butler said emergency gangs labor “fast and effectively to resolve what was a complex occurrence which shunned further pain and trauma to the gentleman involved”.

“At the high levels of his climb the gentleman lost his ground and descended onto one of the spikes, one of which probed him in the buttocks, ” he said.

“On closer examination by the doctor and paramedics, it became clear that the gentleman had is immensely lucky as the spike had missed all major blood vessels and organs.”

‘Catastrophic haemorrhage’

Mark Begley, one of the paramedics at the scene, said the man had been “very lucky” and “stable throughout”.

“It was an interesting occasion as you don’t know the damage until you get the patient down, ” he said.

“We had everything in place for any potential catastrophic hemorrhage.

“We were blessed with an exceptional physician on the scene who gave us brilliant guidance and the outcome was very good.

“If he had suffered really terrible hurts he would have been given the best possible chance.”

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