Gabriela’s quest for safety: Pregnant momma goes her sons through sickness, a scum instruct and 3,000 miles

( CNN) Gabriela Hernandez and her two sons assembled the “migrant caravan” of travelers across Mexico toward the United States, some hoping to cross the border. This is her legend of the outing, collected from multiple calls and interrogations.

March 25: Tapachula

She is late.

Gabriela Hernandez has missed the caravan parading north.

As she realise her gaffe, she also knows she can’t let it go.

She scrounges up enough silvers to pay for a taxi. Not knowing exactly where different groups is, they simply manager north, expecting along the way in the hope they will catch up with the group.

The pregnant baby of two has never before left Honduras. Now, she has absconded her country, crossed Guatemala and learnt herself in the southern Mexican borderline metropoli of Tapachula.

“I was very scared. I didn’t even have a dollar for a hotel, ” she says later.

When she arrived with her two little boys, she didn’t know whom to trust.

Gabriela’s journey across thousands of miles

CNN reporter follows a caravan of migrants

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