French Spider-Man’s act of extreme mettle you don’t know about

( CNN) Mamoudou Gassama is a real-life superhero. The 22 -year-old Paris man scaled a four-story house to pluck small children hanging precariously over a sidewalk in the 18 th Arrondissement, earning the nickname “Spider-Man of the 18 th.” For his bravery, he will be honored with legal status in France.

That’s more than deserved for Gassama, and as anti-immigrant sentimentality continues to fester in Europe and the United States, it’s certainly satisfying to visualize an African migrant as the booster of an urban superhero narrative.

Of trend, selfless, brave men who put their lives on the line to save a child are precisely who you require in your country. And indeed, as the BBC points out, rewarding gallantry like Gassama’s is in fact written into France’s civil code: “Article 21 -1 9 says that a fast-track naturalization procedure is possible for a foreign national who has ‘performed outstanding services for France, or whose naturalization would be of remarkable sake for France’.”

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