French mountain climber rescued recovering in infirmary

The French mountain climber who was rescued from a Himalayan peak where her climbing collaborator is presumed to have died is recovering in a French hospital.

Elisabeth Revol has returned to France after she was rescued Sunday from Nanga Parbat mountain — the world’s ninth-highest top at 8,126 meters( 26,660 paws .)

Frederic Champly, medical doctors responsible for her therapy at the Sallanches hospital near the Mont Blanc massif, pronounced Revol has serious “grade 3 or 4 frostbites.”

The rescue team was unable to reach Revol’s climbing partner, Tomasz Mackiewicz of Poland, and became the decision to leave him behind.

Revol and Mackiewicz got stuck Thursday while clambering Nanga Parbat.

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