Fran Drescher recalls cancer diagnosis: ‘Don’t trust anybody with your life’

While Fran Drescher was wrapping up the final season of her widely successful sitcom The Nanny in 1999, she was privately trying to find out what was wrong with her.

It wouldnt be until 2000 when the now 59 -year-old found out she had uterine cancer.

From 1999 to 2000, I was still in search of a proper diagnosis, Drescher told Fox News. My wedding was over. The show was over. It was a exceedingly discombobulating and dynamic season for me with a great deal of changes, assignments of giving go and all of that stuff.

Drescher described her quest to get help as a two-year and eight-doctor odyssey concerning misdiagnoses and management for a peri-menopausal state she didnt have.

Then I ultimately went diagnosed with the diseases doctor number one considered I was too young for:[ uterine cancer ], she discovered.

Drescher would go on to write a best-selling journal in 2003 chronicling its own experience, but soon recognise she could be doing so much more aimed at preventing other women from going misdiagnosed.

Ive always been that person who is like if youre anointed with personality and you dont use it for the greater good, youre truly wasting it, she showed. When I went on my work tour, I recognized what has happened to me happens to numerous, many Americans.

“Patients is a requirement to converted into medical shoppers because we put more epoch and research into the buying, selling, and repairing of our vehicles than we do our own torsoes, which we tend to very gladly hand over to a doctor I was lucky I was still in stagecoach 1 because the cancer that I had was a very slow growing one. And I feel like I got famed, I went cancer, and I[ now] live to talk about it.

Drescher has been cancer free since 2000, but her role as president of the Cancer Schmancer Movement, an organization devote to raising awareness on the best interests of early detection and prevention, is far from over. On July 17, Drescher was honored at the American Cancer Societys California Spirit Benefit for her work over the years.

However, shes still trying to make sense of her earlier misdiagnosis.

That was the worst part of it, she admitted. I prevented being place on hormonal permutation therapy Most girls that get uterine cancer are post-menopausal or obese. And since I was neither, they were quite certain it wasnt that I still dont understand why everybody was so quick to reject that and introduce me on hormones. Dont trust anybody with your life.

“Do your own experiment. The more you are familiar with, the better off “you think youre”. Knowledge really is supremacy. The more you can say to physicians, Well, what about this? Why cant we rule out this? They say cancer is a silent executioner. Thats absolutely no truth to the rumors. Were exactly not detecting the little things, like abrupt digestive problems, backache,[ and] weight addition like a pound a month. These can all indicate a more serious problem.

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And Dreschers piece hasnt stopped with just passing the Cancer Schmancer Movement. She continues to rally support for the need to help revamp women healthcare. In 2007, she advocated lawmakers to pass Johannas Law, which promotes the education of gynecological cancers. It was referred after Johanna Silver Gordon, who died from ovarian cancer in 2000 at age 58.

Rumors have existed over the years of the comedienne pursuing a busines in politics. In 2008, Drescher told New York Magazine she was considering extending for power. Then in 2014, she told Fox News becoming an elected official is on my barrel roster. But these days, Drescher is having second thoughts.

You know, its amusing that “youre asking” that because people ever say that to me, she justified, laughter. Sidekicks, category, devotees. Im on the fence merely because as a cancer survivor, its so toxic[ in Washington ], I dont know whether I can have greater influence as an elected official.

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“But then Im clambering down Jacobs Ladder. Will it eventually kill me? Im a little bit scared because really, the hyper partisanship is very toxic. Its actually kind of evident. Im not really sure[ but] if customers become more educated, everything that is systematically wrong with the world will shift if they genuinely stop and say no to things. Thats the kind of leader “weve been” need.

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