For pro stair climbers, sky’s the limit

NEW YORK( CNN) Is there a better metaphor for sporting accomplishment than tower working? It’s a vertical sprint of ability and tenacity to greater and greater summits. And you always come out on top.

Yet, as sports proceed, stair clambering is relatively newand has only a small pond of professional competitors. Those who are graded for speed are in the hundreds , not thousands. The winners deserve modest booties, usually swag from patronizes , not cash.

It’s a athletic that might have started as gimmicks or publicity stunts. But now, with an official making and a world-wide tour of races, stair climbing is a lawful, if niche, amateur play. Participation is clambering, but for now, the limited size of this upwardly mobile community has its own upside.

“We’re like their own families, ” mentioned Lisa Zeigel, a tower smuggler since 2001 who is graded seventh in the United States. “We hang out. We have our own Facebook group. I’ve never been in a group that bails like that. We feel so grateful for having each other.”

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