Flat-Earther Is Left Hospitalized After Homemade Rocket Crashes With Him Inside

Now, as somebody that detests to admit they’re wrong, I can totally relate to’ Mad’ Mike Hughes, the self-taught scientist who this weekend tried to open himself into cavity in an attempt to prove his theory that the Earth is flat.

Hughes, who engineered the steam-powered rocket himself, had big hopes that his mission would be a success. However, that daydream purposed preferably crisply when his homemade rocket dashed back to Earth, landing hard in the Mojave Desert- nearly 1,500 hoofs from the launch website in Amboy, California.

The launch, which was originally scheduled for last November, eventually had takeoff after being delayed by mechanical headaches. Having selected a patch of barren land near Amboy as his launchpad,’ Mad’ Mike poised himself for the moment he’d long been waiting for.

Watch the moment he achieved lift off …

Since declaring that he’d wing to space in a homemade rocket,’ Mad’ Mike has been met with a lot of criticism from everyone else who has seen him a “crackpot” fool. Yet despite the cruel mentions, the 61 -year-old limo driver has fascinated a lot of attention.

Even former NASA astronaut Jerry Linenger, who invested 143 dates in space in 1997, was enthralled by Mike’s mad mission.” I hope he doesn’t blow anything up ,” he said skeptically before going on to add:” Rocketry, as our private opening companies found out, isn’t as easy as it seems .”

But Mike hasn’t let the doubters dilute his finding. Instead, he has ferociously engaged back against them on social media, taking to Facebook to call out his critics.

In a 12 minute video, he addressed those who claimed his mission was ” crazy” by saying:” Do I belief the Earth is influenced like a Frisbee? I believe it is. Do I know for sure? No. That’s why I want to go up in space .”

On March 24, Mike prepared to prove those who opposed his outlandish proposals incorrect by clambering into his homemade rocket. At 15:00, he poised himself for liftoff as his tiny contraption sounded into action. Contacting an estimated rate of 350 mph, Mike flew into the sky before attracting the parachute at 1,875 feet.

As his rocket plummeted back to Earth, Mike distributed the second largest parachute to retard himself down and cushion the effects. However, he still territory with a thud, generating the rocket’s nose to crack in two places.

Asked how he felt having thrusting himself into the sky, Mike simply said:” Am I glad I did it? Yeah. I approximate. I’ll feel it in the morning. I won’t be able to get out of couch. At least I can go home and have dinner and verify my felines tonight .”

In the future, Mike plans to propel himself again, but this time outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. Oh and he too plans to run for minister. “This is no joke,” Hughes said.” I want to do it .”

Given his track record of identifying through his contrives, we have no doubt that’ Mad’ Mike Hughes’ epithet will be on your ballot papers sometime soon! But this matter is, would you vote for him?

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