Illustration Skating On Top Of A Mountain Is As Majestic As It Resounds

Katrina Lazzarotto is not a professional digit skater, but like most residents of Vancouver, Canada, she can to get around on a duo of skates. However, when her friend, helicopter captain Bradley Friesen, approached her with a unique and elaborate volunteer, it had been four years since she’d last-place been participating in the frost. Friesen’s idea was to wing 5,000 paws into the Rocky Mountains and stop Lazzarotto off at a frozen alpine pond. With seven GoPros attached to his helicopter, he would wing above, captivating one-of-a-kind shots of his friend.

Of course, Lazzarotto alleged “yes.” After all, unless you are the ice queen Elsa, it’s not every day that you get to be a part of a impressive situation like this! Surrounded by breath-taking the perspectives and snow-capped mountains, Lazzarotto spins and twiddle on the frost, its own experience that she adds was the most “exhilarating and liberating moment” of their own lives. For anyone who loves skating, get prepared to add this to your bucket roll.

The clip was shot at Golden Ears Provincial Park, located in British Columbia, Canada. Renowned for its grace, the park has been used as a place place for various favourite movies, including First Blood and many of the forest situations in the Twilight movies. Friesen himself has been filming in the park for the past year, captivating aerial views of mountain biking, hockey, and other sports from his helicopter. While he has some really interesting videos on his YouTube channel, we’re approximating this will be the one to actually disappear viral. It’s something I’ll certainly be watching over and over again.

H/ T: Bradley Friesen

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