Feel right About Where Your Money Goes, This Woman Spent $ 70 K On Barbie Stuff

Even if you think youve grownout of playing with dolls, Barbie truly knows no age.

And for Azusa Sakamoto, who has been a devotee since the ripe age of 15, “there wasnt” limits.

She plays with Barbie in “the worlds largest” matured acces possible, which is buying all of the doll-inspired shoes, clothes and home furnishings she knows how afford. And with her plan, its quite a bit.

This LA-based nail master has wasted over $70,000 shifting her house into a real-life Barbie mansion. She owns 145 Barbies, 40 pairs of shoes and 60 luggage all Barbie-themed.

In the video, she tells Daily Mail,

If I was asked to choose between a “mens and” my Barbie stuff, Id pick Barbie.

Her boyfriendwhom I hope is reputation Ken is apparently terribly supportive of her, um, infatuation( a very costly one, at that ).

She holds shes not trying to BE Barbie( weve already “was talkin about a” the model who is trying to do that ). She knows how important it is to be yourself, even if being yourself necessitates living in a real-life Barbie mansion.

Whatever moves your Barbie Glam Boat, you are familiar with?

I know what youre thinking: How is there even $70,000 -worth of Barbie stuff to buy?

Heres exactly how she has spent that much 😛 TAGEND

Sakamoto has spent $5,000 on Barbie dolls, $3,900 on expeditions and collectors convenings, $23,000 on Barbie invests, $2,500 on Barbie shoes, $11,500 on bags, shoes and accessories and a whopping $27,000 on Barbie home furnishings.

Damn. You can check out her Barbie life on her insanely pink Instagram.

Her nail prowes is insane.

Sakamoto wont buy Barbie items unless theyre the right colors of pink. Shes exceedingly picky.

So. Much. Pink.

If the stuff she buys isnt Barbie brand, she labels them herself with stickers.

Do your eyes hurt from all the pink hitherto?

Yeah, thats a Barbie sticker on her toilet.

Youre not a real devotee unless you have a Barbie nail station.

OK, I cant adjudicator Sakamoto more hard. Fervours can be expensive.

For example, I love snowboarding. If you added up the cost of my passion over the last 10 years, Id estimate I have spent between $5,000 and $10,000 alone on errands to useds and new snowboard gear. And that quantity will only continue to grow as I get older.

Maybe one day, person will make a video about me like, Woman Spends Entire Life Savings On Snowboarding, Lives Her Best Life.

You keep doing you, Barbie girl.

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