Far-famed BASE Jumper Dies In Wingsuit Accident

This is so sad.

Alexander Polli , a world-renowned skydiver and a innovator in BASE jumping, has died in the French Alps after a wingsuit crash on Monday. He was just 31 years old.

Polli apparently gate-crashed into a tree while jumping in a region near Chamonix, France, the hell is favourite, but VERY dangerous, for BASE jumpers.

One search and salvage official told NBC News that this isn’t the first time they have been called out to the place:

“It’s a location where there are a lot of accidents.”

On Facebook , the World Wingsuit League memorialized Polli’s untimely extinction with a statement to their followers and jumpers, writing:

“Alex was known for his hard-core proximity lines and that bequest continues to inspire new generations of jumpers for years to come. Besides startle, pals from in all regions of the world are going to miss his free-spirit force and contagious laugh. We want to wish everyone touched by Alex’s life strength for today and hope for tomorrow.”

Ugh. So sad.

Polli, who was a dual Italian-Norwegian citizen, was known on YouTube for dazing jumps and incredible visual exposes of his work.

With millions of views on his videos, Polli truly captivated all kinds of new people to the play with ordeals demo like this( below ):


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There was also the incredible experience that he hopped through a hoop of flame( below ):

And the most popular of his videos, a flight through a cave in Spain( below ):

Incredible. It’s not just the adventurer nature of his occupation, but likewise the charm and tranquility in how he rushes, wings, and slides through these amazing areas.

He will undoubtedly be missed.

R.I.P. Alex.

[ Image via YouTube .]

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