Family repository of first IVF baby unveiled

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Media captionLouise Brown’s 40 th birthday has been distinguished by a brand-new museum exhibition in London

A family archive about the world’s firstly IVF baby, enclose letters, endows, photos and newspaper clippings, has been unveiled on her 40 th birthday.

Lesley Brown supported the reminders, including hospital appointment posters and communication, following the birth of her daughter Louise in July 1978.

They were stored in a wardrobe at the family’s Bristol home and simply acquired following Mrs Brown’s death in 2012.

Louise Brown donated them to Bristol Archives which is exposing them.

Image copyright Bristol Archives/ PA Wire Image caption An repository of the correspondence has been created for public display

Her mother and father, John, were the first couple to successfully undergo in vitro fertilisation( IVF) and their daughter was born at Oldham General Hospital on 25 July 1978.

The family was transported the thousands of placards from well-wishers, as well as characters from wives struggling to conceive.

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