FAKE NEWS !! The most effective and worst April Fools’ Day narratives

Believe it or not, newspapers and PR bureaux have once again differentiated 1 April by producing made-up narrations and press releases

Post-truth and forge bulletin have been etched, perhaps indelibly, on the publics consciousness in recent months; each of them having been reputation mottoes of the year by various dictionaries.

Among the most memorable were the claims that we move 350 m per week to the EU, reproduced on the side of the Brexiters battle bus, and Donald Trumps inflation of his inauguration crowds.

By lunchtime on Saturday, a dozen or so more could be added to the schedule as newspapers and press officers prolonged the age-old( tired ?) institution of April Fools Day narrations. Here are some of best available:

The Guardian

The paper reports that health professionals multi-tasker George Osborne is launching his own apparel course. The MP, newspaper editor, after-dinner talker, chairman, hedge fund adviser and thinktank fellow is known to favour high-vis casings and hard hats.


Daily Telegraph

Science correspondent Rollo Piaf( no award for unscrambling the anagram) reports that a polar abide is living on a Hebridean island, having been was necessary to front south after receiving itself stranded on a melting expanse of sparkler that break-dance away from the Arctic ice cap.


Daily Mail

Harrys secret marry hollers the Mail across pages six and seven. The ruler and Meghan Markle have eloped, the working paper reports, but the fact because this is tucked away inside rather than on the front sheet may evoke mistrust amongst the Mails more discerning readers. The preferably paunchy Harry look-a-like and brides well-placed veil may also give the game away.


Daily Mirror

Horses in the Grand National will be allowed to wear headphones so they can listen to music, the Mirror reports – in a storey confirmed by the music streaming firm Deezers spokeswoman, Avril Foal( top markers there ).

Photograph: Handout

Daily Express

In todays actually-not-that-bad-an-idea April fool news, the Express reports that a pizza firm is planning to introduce a new heated letterbox that will preserve nutrient hot for up to 12 hours. Those who follow the instruction to turn to sheet 35, however, are treat a bitter blow.

Photograph: Express Newspapers/ Handout
Meanwhile, never one to miss an opportunity of some free publicity, PRs across the land have been beavering away for weeks on their April fool press releases in the hope of a few column inches. Here are some of the worst/ excellent 😛 TAGEND Virgin Atlantic : the airline exposes the Dreambird 1417, which boasts wings that bending and flex to create a flapping motion that not only propels the aircraft forward but renders its own supremacy to converge every electronic necessitate on board.

To be fair, they have made a well produced and quite convincing video to accompany the not-all-too-convincing press release complete with an appearance by Beardy himself. Virgin pride themselves on April fool freeings, and Atlantic is just one of many flooding into reporters inboxes from Bransons affiliates.

Virgin Atlantics Dreambird 1417

Marmite: the makers of Britains most love-it-or-hate-it spread announce the launching of Meh-Mite a blander version of the yeasty toast-topper designed to prove breakfast neednt be contentious.


Paddy Power: seahorse racing. Thats right, seahorse racing.

Its one of those meanings thatll subside or swimming but were delighted to be the first patronize to take the plunge. The little blighters are tough to civilize and their minuscule saddles retaining falling off but I calculate weve backed a winner, a spokesman says.

Despite initial challenges with qualify weve find them to be one of the most competitive species on the planet, includes Stephen McMeel, new produce investigate at the bookmaker.

Paddy Power have also made a video, of course.

Photograph: Paddy Power
Chill Factore : the UKs longest indoor real snow gradient, in Trafford, announces a new snowboarding school for hounds proving that you are able to school an old-time bird-dog new gimmicks. Its PR agency has also gone to the difficulty of making a video, which was obviously worth the effort( 71 views so far …). The Beano : the tweet tells it all.

Beano (@ BeanoOfficial)

Words are so last week. We know it’s ALL about #emojis. So we’re roused to reveal that BEANO is now an emoji-only comic! #SOBeano pic.twitter.com/ gdrFzIKbep

April 1, 2017

Coca-Cola: while the launching of a helium variance of the soft drink is not going to sucker too many beings, full markers for the paraphrase from Kate Miller, its UK marketing manager.

She tells: Were delighted to be launching Coca-Cola Helium this year it genuinely overstates our scope of drinkings and hoist our fans beings. Notoriety of Coca-Cola continues to balloon and this new variant is set to be a flyaway success.

Virgin Trains : not to be outdone by their airborne peers, the railway operator announces the launching of an innovative new contactless ticket organisation – Tick-Ink TM – that makes clients have their season tickets tattooed on their body.

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