Extreme Stunts – Spiderman Climbs Skyscraper

Utilizing only his bare hands, french Spiderman Alain Robert scales an 150 meter structure in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Individuals view as Robert quickly arrives of the National Telecom structure in 20 minutes.

Strength Training For Climbing

In climbing, there is an old adage stating that “climbing is the best training for climbing,” an adage used by many to make excuses for not training outside of climbing. I personally disagree with this philosophy as I will explain.

When we are speaking of the exact skills needed in climbing, how and when to step, climbing techniques and mental skills, there is no substitute for the activity of climbing itself. However, in order to develop strength levels specific to the sport of climbing such as improving grip strength and upper body strength and endurance climbing will produce very limited or even no results or improvements.

One of the main reasons climbing isn’t good for strength training is because in climbing failure is not an option. If you have muscular failure while climbing, it may very well prove fatal. So the goal while climbing id to avoid this completely. Alternatively, when one is strength training for climbing, one wants to reach and even pass the point of muscular failure as it is this very act that causes the body to respond with an increase in strength to adapt to the stress being place on it. So the two methods are mutually exclusive and you will never achieve maximum strength by climbing alone.

Another example that reinforces the disparity between climbing and strength training for climbing is the way in which you grip the rock. In climbing, the rock demands the climber to use a random variety of many different grip positions and, at times, you may even deliberately vary the way you grip the rock. As a result, it’s unlikely that any single grip position will ever get worked maximally and, therefore, the individual grip positions (e.g. crimp, open hand, pinch, etc.) are slow to increase strength.

This should help you understand why a full season of climbing may indeed improve your anaerobic endurance (i.e. endurance of strength), but do little to increase you absolute maximum grip strength. Therefore, varying grip positions is a great strategy for maximizing endurance when climbing for performance, but it will never work for training maximum grip strength. Effective finger strength training demands you target a specific grip position and work it until failure, which can only be done safely in a non climbing environment.

Finally, it could be better for some climbers to participate in cross training with other activities that are not particularly sport-specific. As an example someone who needs to lose weight should spend the majority of their non-climbing time performing aerobic activity to burn off the excess body fat as it is essential that a climber be as lean as possible for optimum performance. If someone is totally devoid of at least some modicum of fitness, they would be better off doing some circuit training that will give them both strength and aerobic benefits.

In closing I will say that regardless of your experience level in climbing, you will see a huge improvement by including specialized strength training in your regimen.

Extreme Stunts - Spiderman Climbs Skyscraper
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35 Responses to Extreme Stunts – Spiderman Climbs Skyscraper

  1. Max Fuller

    what if there’s an earthquake in the middle of his climb?

    • oldmanglitch

      he’ll shoot a web slinger

    • PrettyDoesMinecraft

      lol xD

    • Feels Man

      +oldmanglitch66 , a “web slinger”? What’s a “web slinger”?

    • NoSheetSherlock

      oldmanglitch Spiderman spiderman does whatever a spider can 😅

  2. Harvey Angel

    Useful for zombie apocalypse.

    • ITN Source

      Ha ha very true! +Halal Angel

  3. rawmmmeeeaaalll

    Who came from jev?

    • Ernst Jeanjacques

      +rawmmmeeeaaalll i did

    • Mint Evo

      +rawmmmeeeaaalll lol which jev video

    • Blue Psykes

      I did

  4. bjroberts65

    It’s more exciting when he does it illegally.

  5. Becoming A Legend

    my hands would’ve slipped from all the sweat

    • Bambam's Wife

      That is what the chalk is for

  6. reniatko Soczka

    to me this man is crazy. There is something wrong with his brain!!!What is
    he doing?, its so stupid.!!!

    • Rowsic

      No hes brave.


      Unlike you

    • Bruno Goncalves

      +Rowsic no he’s not

  7. tanmay Mohan Mohan

    the is very crazy

  8. Mr100Ping

    he should go on American ninja warrior

    • Bladen

      Americorn ninja warrior

    • Bruni

      they have ninja warrior in many countries

  9. Shaitaan “ColdOrange” Khoopdi

    batshit crazy motherfuka.

  10. Berinz

    the ambulance is there if he falls its late bro

  11. Londons Finest


  12. jasmine ann maire

    did all those ppl really come out to see this stupidness ……they must of
    been bored

  13. TheGooners11

    I don’t like even going up a ladder ffs this is amazing

  14. TheGooners11

    I’m.getting vertigo already

    • ITN Source

      Can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been to watch him do that in

  15. Bruno Goncalves

    fucking idiot

  16. Bruno Goncalves

    I hope He fails

  17. frankylee 70

    I’d like to say impossible but as i saw it obviously isnt!

  18. Ineke Mateman

    He has Titanium Ball’s!

  19. Cristiano Fernandez

    Mankind at his most incredible feats.

  20. joe sickle

    all he needs now is a costume

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