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If Leicester City win the Premier League, it will be one of the most captivating British sport stories in years. But how does a football-mad Englishman living in the US explain its importance to Americans?


“No, Leicester.”

“Less-ester? “

“No, Leicester. As in Lester.”

“Oh. Why is it enunciated like that? “

Trying, and neglect, to explain the mystery of English phonetics can be a daily task for Brits living in the US.

But when it comes to the Leicester City story, the how-to-say is not the only component that’s risk losing translation.

For those have still not been mindful, a small, unfashionable team are stationed in England’s East Midlands has somehow stormed the Premier League.

With four competitions left, Leicester City are 5 point ahead of anyone and forbidding a downfall, on course for their first top-flight league name in their 132 -year history.

This team was in the third tier of English football in 2009, and after climbing to the top fraction, they invested months last season in bottom place.

They weren’t just out of style, they were a byword for failure.

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In 2008, when they were demoted to the equivalent of the third largest division, the Guardian newspaper wrote 😛 TAGEND

The crowds still filed in, greeting each new season with confidence, but all too soon the realisation dawned that the ovations from the stands were for nothing – everything the organization once personified had been hollowed out from the inside, leaving simply a desiccated blue-blooded and grey husk.

As recently as 18 few months ago, the president of Marseille said he would be a “sucker” to take an interest in signing any Leicester City actor.

And their Algerian wizard participate Riyad Mahrez says he thought they were a rugby club when they firstly showed an interest in him.

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Should they win English football’s more prestigious loot, some say the stunt would be the most unlikely event in the history of unit boasts. Globally.

Bookmakers’ peculiars on them triumphing the Premier League were 5,000 to one last summertime. So it was five times more likely that Hugh Hefner would declare himself a virgin.

For a British sports fan living in the US, there’s a natural inclination to share this footballing fairytale with sidekicks. This, after all, is a story just as much about the human rights atmosphere as it is about tallying goals.

Writing in The Players’ Tribune, their director Claudio Ranieri did: “This is a small fraternity that is showing “the worlds” what can be achieved through flavor and finding. Twenty-six musicians. Twenty-six different intelligences. But one heart.”

But mention Leicester City to American pals who don’t closely follow English football and a blank appear is the stock reaction. Or worse, a gesture and a smile. Even from sports fans.

It’s understandable. My seeings are more likely to glaze over if anyone is seeking to enthuse me about, say, the San Diego Padres being on a triumphing streak.

So how to introduce it in words that my American pals would understand? Has there ever been an American Leicester?

For help, I turned to team copulates of mine on the football pitches of Shaw, a neighbourhood of Washington where every Friday night, the replication shirts of Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal worn by locals give the scene a semi-English flavour.

“Oakland As in baseball? ” proposes Drew, a tough-tackling Wisconsinite, referring to the famous Oakland Athletics team under Billy Beane who used analytics to overcome more glamorous resists, prevailing 20 competitions in a row in 2002.

Image copyright Rex Features Image caption The cinema Moneyball delivered the success of Oakland As to a world-wide gathering

Nice story but they didn’t win the World Series at the end of that range, which is the equivalent of what Leicester could attain in the weeks ahead.


“OK, how about Minnesota Twins? ” speaks Joe, who supports West Ham.

“In 1991, they departed from freighter of the American League West to winning 95 recreations on their practice to a World Series title.

“And in gridiron in 1999, the St Louis Rams attained a same achievement, following a last-place finish in ‘9 8 with a championship of their own the very next year. “

Both good examples of an amazing one-season turnaround, but for teams with pedigree that’s admirable , not historic.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Leicester in disguise? The Twins and the Rams

There are structural reasons why the Premier League/ US athletic comparisons are imperfect.

There is no advertisement or relegation in NFL or baseball, so a smaller crew can’t rise up through the grades like Leicester has, in a way that pitches David against Goliath.

And the NFL operates a more level playing field than the Premier League, through a salary detonator and by making the weaker squads first collect of best available college players.

In English football, the reverse happens – the rich clubs tighten their clutch on success because a higher residence finish gets a bigger money reward and therefore they buy the better participates. It’s a virtuous cycle of success feeding fund feeding success.

As a outcome, merely five teams have won the Premier League since it was put together in 1992. In that period, 14 crews have won the Super Bowl.

That’s what represents Leicester’s potential feat on a comparative shoelace so striking, breaking into a rich elite. When they drum Manchester City lately, they overcame a crew that expensed 15 experiences their own.

If Leicester was in the US, it might be…

Image copyright iStock Image caption Leicester, left, and Wichita, right

Wichita, Kansas, similar population( approximately 375,000) New Orleans, Louisiana, same diversity( Leicester is majority non-white, 55%) Belle Fourche, South Dakota, similar site( the geographical centre of England is Fenny Drayton in Leicestershire) Image caption The metropoli turned out for the reinterment of Richard

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