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Media captionEuro 2016: French police fervour tear gas in Marseille

The opening days of Euro 2016 ought to have disfigured by ugly situations of violence, both on the street and in Marseille’s stadium. Who is to blame for the hassle – and can it be stopped?

Who’s behind the savagery?

England, Russia and France backers have been involved in the most serious happens – although they are only a tiny number of thousands of quiet fans at Euro 2016.

Confusing and sometimes conflicting reports mean accuse is difficult to definitively apportion.

Accounts advocate the initial showdowns started when England fans reacted to unprovoked attacks by an organization of local boys, who the hell is further exacerbate alcohol. French police then stepped in and deployed tear gas.

Blame for the incident at the end of the coincide between England and Russia – in which a group appeared to rush at English allies – has been squarely placed on a number of Russian followers.

According to French prosecutors, 150 Russians “well prepared for ultra-rapid, ultra-violent action” were involved. There are claims “ultras” – hardened rowdies – from both Russia and France went to the tournament intent on targeting England fans.

Image copyright AP Image caption Clashes broke out at the end of the pair between England and Russia

Some British fans deplored that the “heavy-handed” police approach intensified the situation. But the behaviour of England fans has been criticised extremely.

Home Secretary Theresa May described the violence as “deeply disturbing” and said some England fans had made their country down by getting involved in the illnes, which too attended fist-fighting and bottles hurled.

Among those apprehended thus far are Britons, French, Russians and an Austrian. In a much smaller happen in Nice, about a dozen Northern Ireland backers retaliated to what police told was an unprovoked onrush by French hooligans.

How did it unfold?

Media captionFootage appears to show Russian followers charging at England partisans

About 35 people have been injured in the ill – four gravely – and 20 parties arrested.

Thursday 9 June – Before the first equal of the tournament had even inaugurated, tribulation was brewing off the field. In the early hours of Friday morning, exuberant chanting by England fans outside a saloon in the Old Port district of Marseille turned into drunken discords with local young persons and French riot police. One England fan and a neighbourhood guy were arrested Friday 10 June – In the build up to England’s firstly match with Russia in Marseille, police again distributed tear gas and a sea cannon in an attempt to subdue conflicts between England, France and Russia backers. One Briton was earnestly hurt Saturday 11 June – As the 1-1 suck between England and Russia at the Stade Velodrome sucked to a shut, a number of Russia love set off flares. TV footage demo groupings of Russians charge towards England supporters, many of whom fled by clambering over fencing. Meanwhile in Nice, six Northern Ireland devotees were injured in a clash with France followers outside a prohibit Sunday 12 June – Uefa informed it would knock England and Russia out of the tournament if there were farther murderou panoramas. It announced charges against Russia – but not England – for the stadium incident, but acknowledged there were security matters Monday 13 June – About 150 “well-prepared” Russian hooligans were behind the Marseille stadium violence, French lawyers said. Police “spotters” began analysing footage to link villains involved in all incidents. The French government suggested legion municipalities to censor booze near venues to prevent further violence Image caption Some Russia allies had smuggled in flares which they set off at the end of the accord Media captionEngland boss Roy Hodgson& Wayne Rooney urge love to evade fus Image caption Russian MP Igor Lebedev discovered “nothing incorrect with fans fighting” Image caption Up to half thousands and thousands of supporters of England, Wales and Northern Ireland are expected to travel to France for the Euros

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