Ester Ledecka shuts status as Winter Olympics snow queen with doubled golden

Ester Ledecka followed up her skiing super-G designation with a supreme succes in the snowboard similarity monstrous slalom

Ester Ledecka established her posture as the snowfall queen of these Winter Olympics– in fact, arguably, any Winter Activity- with a supreme victory in the snowboard parallel monster slalom on Saturday.

The win formed the 22 -year-old from the Czech Republic the first female to ever achieve gold medals in different athletics at a Winter Competition, following her shocking victory in the women’s Super-G skiing last weekend.

“This is fantastic,” she acknowledged.” It was something very special and I thoughts I will think about this moment until the end of my life. I enjoyed every move and I’m very happy to be here and stand on the highest place on the podium .”

Last year her snowboarding coach, Justin Reiter, was of the view that Ledecka was ” one of the greatest living athletes “. Hitherto few had thought it was possible to successfully double up. The boasting polymath- she is also a brilliant windsurfer- flatly attested otherwise.

Ledecka had posted the most wonderful time in morning characterizing in the event, which attends snowboarders become head-to-head in a series of knockout races over a breezy track. And after changing through the rounds without disproportionate hardship, she comfortably overpowered the German Selina Joerg by more than half two seconds in the final. Another German, Romana Theresia Hofmeister, took bronze.

It was impressive enough that she was the first person to compete in skiing and snowboarding at an Olympics. But to then give double golden was mind-blowing.

” It was a great experiencing ,” she admitted.” You know, on every hasten, I’m trying to do my best and I’m trying to ride every race the same- with 100%. So while I am very happy for me, it’s another race, another great race. I felt like that .”

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However, she acknowledged it had not always the case easy to deal with the pressure of having so many great expectations on her shoulders.” It was much burden during the last week ,” she mentioned.” After the super-G, a lot of people were coming and saying,’ Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations ‘. I’m like,’ Whoa, so nice ‘. Yet I was also thinking:’ But OK, you have to change to snowboard already .’ I had quite a hard time. However today, I was just standing there and unexpectedly the snowboard daughter comes in. I was just travelling with the confidence, enjoying the hasten and having fun .”

Ledecka started skiing when she was just two and got into snowboarding three years’ subsequently to keep up with her fucking brother Jonas.” From the start there were a lot of people who would say,’ it’s not possible to get to the pinnacle in both ,'” she acknowledged.” But I wanted to do so, although undoubtedly it’s not easy .”

No one will disagree with that decision now. And the perturbing report for her competitors is that Ledecka intends to carry on doing both events.” My plan is to stay with my nature, so for now I recollect I will do both because I love both ,” she said.

After her victory in the Super-G, Ledecka celebrated with KFC chicken. This time, however, she has different hopes.” I’m really looking for get at Europe for different fix because it’s been quite a long time already here ,” she declared.” So no dining today. I will just go to bed because I’m quite tired .”