Ester Ledecka Makes Olympic History With Snowboard Gold

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea( Reuters) – Ester Ledecka grew the first person in Winter Olympic history to acquire gold medals in both skiing and snowboarding after triumphing the snowboard similarity monstrou slalom on Saturday to go with her Alpine skiing super-G gold.

The Czech is exclusively the fifth person to prevail amber in two different happenings at the Winter Olympics. Ledecka demolished Germany’s Selina Joerg in the final by 0.46 seconds to claim the gold.

Germany’s Theresia Ramona Hofmeister won the bronze medal hasten against Sochi bronze medalist Alena Zavarzina to completed the podium.

Zavarzina fell in both the semi-final and small final to open the door for the Germans. Ledecka predominated from the outset, setting the most wonderful time in qualifying and handling the pressure to win an historical doubled amber in Pyeongchang.

The two-time world champion’s achievement is the firstly athlete to prevail goldens in two unrelated restraints. The four others to triumph two different episodes competed in similar Nordic occurrences.

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