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Media captionVictims speak of the moment the dog criticized

Eleven infants have been injured in a pup onslaught in a fenced-off performance park.

The Staffordshire bull terrier was restrained by a parent after burning the children in Blyth, Northumberland.

Three “of childrens rights”, who all suffered bite winds as they were caught in the common, were kept in hospital overnight after the attack, which happened at about 18:30 BST on Wednesday.

Police afterwards apprehended a 37 -year-old woman on doubt of having a puppy dangerously out of domination.

Among the injured, a seven-year-old girl was expected to need scalp grafts.

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The father of one of the injured progenies managed to tie the dog to a barrier with a cardigan, before police arrived to bring it to kennels.

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Image caption The animal was removed by police

Adam Mulvey, who lives next to the ballpark, pronounced: “I got a knock on the door from a little girl telling us that there were several children caught in the common with the dog, and one of them was my little girl.

“I could see her from the house and everybody else hollering, roaring, “its just” horrific.”

Mr Mulvey told you he moved outside, verified the dog and sat on it, before tying it to the fence.

“I’m a bird-dog buff and it killed me to sit on it and nurse its look to the dirt. But it was a strong bird-dog – not a neat event to happen, ” he alleged.

Image copyright Jeffrey Nesbitt
Image caption Jeffrey Nesbitt took photographs of the hurts suffered by his daughter

“My daughter’s seven and she’s got to have an operation now. They’re looking at the possibility of having to have surfaced grafts.

“She’s frightened of puppies now for the rest of her life and very frightened parks.”

Fiona Richards, who lives opposite the common, read: “The dog was running around super tight piercing every teenager in there, I visualized it grab a little one by the shoulder. It was bedlam.”

Ms Richards’ 11 -year-old daughter was bitten on the thigh.

Image caption Nicole Nesbitt( Left) and Stevie-Brooke Maddison were both assaulted by the dog

Another resident, Neil Wilkinson, suggested: “There were about 30 boys in there and the dog just arrived from nowhere.

“I get in and started lifting them up and out of the park. As I was doing it the dog leapt up and bit my son on the arm.”

Stevie Brooke-Maddison was in the park when the dog arrived.

The 12 -year-old enunciated: “At firstly we were tittering, because it was just jump-start up and being silly.

“And then one minute it just snarled and was being vicious and led for everyone.

“I clambered up a climbing frame but it jumped up and latched onto my leg, I was kicking but it wouldn’t let go.

“I was crying and bellowing and everything.”

A spokeswoman for Northumbria Police announced policemen remained in the area to reassure people.

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