Ed Sheeran Quits Twitter After His ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cameo, Because Twitter Morghulis

UPDATE : Ed Sheeran’s Twitter account has been reactivated on Tuesday afternoon after being offline a period following his appearance on. But he appears to have deleted most of the tweets from the detail, as recent developments upright is an Instagram link from 2015. EARLIER : On, all men must die, and I guess that’s true-blue of their Twitter details as well. The day following his cameo on the punch fantasy line, Ed Sheeran deleted his Twitter chronicle with no explanation.

But of course, since the delete happened precisely hours after his huge cameo, everyone is assuming that had something to do with it. Though his short image on the line as a traveling bard was well received by his fans, a great number of sees tweeted their negative reviews of Sheeran’s spot.

In fact, the common pun of the darknes grew parties wishing that Arya Stark fucking kill Ed Sheeran in their vistum together.

So yeah , not exactly the most caring receipt. We don’t know if this vitriolic response to his cameo is actually what led to Sheeran removing Twitter, but it seems like a pretty safe bet. Another possible provoke was this BuzzFeed compilation of Sheeran’s sometimes-problematic, sometimes-just-embarrassing old-fashioned tweets, which was published a couple hours before Sheeran’s accounting deleted.

But the good news for devotees is Sheeran will probably be back on Twitter soon enough. This is actually the second time this month the singer has deactivated his Twitter account at the start of July, Sheeran briefly left the social media locate after accusing Lady Gaga fans of relentlessly tweeting loathe at him.

Thankfully, Sheeran isn’t off social media wholly. His Instagram account is still up and running, and he very recently shared an adorable photo of himself and girlfriend Cherry Seaborn clambering mountains in Peru together.

But, if you’re detecting down about Sheeran’s digital absence as you move through Twitter, risks are you’ll still hear Shape of You like 30 seasons throughout your date, so he’ll never actually be out of your life, like it or not.